Yesterday I was supposed to go before the judge regarding the lawsuit that's being levied against my First Amendment Rights by the Lumberton City Jerk Clerk. As I expected, almost all of Lumberton's elected officials were present; despite the tragedy that occurred in his family, Bobby Gibson decided not to comfort his sister but opted to come to court to support his boss, Ben Winston. I arrived early for two reasons: so I could speak with my attorney and so I could look the snakes in their eyes when they came up the stairs. However, I wasn't prepared for the large crowd that was waiting in the corridor. Apparently, there are people, unlike the thief, Jay McGraw, that must go before a judge to answer to their crimes. Since I had my back to the entrance, the snakes slithered in one by one. When I looked up, I saw Melissa slither by. So I'm guessing that her testimony was purchased with the 32 hours of work she was given after she apologized to the confessed thief, Jay McGraw, after she allegedly cussed him out for allegedly stealing from one of the registers at city hall because she wasn't presented as a witness before she was rehired. Interesting. It was also interesting to see Melissa go over the blog posts that were presented as part of the case. Stephanie Mullings and I sat there laughing, conversing and checking on social media updates while those that were there to testify on behalf of the clerk were refreshing their memories. One thing for certain, you don't need a good memory when you're telling the truth. Since I know the truth, there was no need to refresh my memory about the posts I wrote. Now if I must answer to the comments posted, I may need to see them since they're not my viewpoints.

For some reason, Jay McGraw didn't attend this round. Was there something that happened that caused him to have a change in heart. I guess he's waiting for things to cool down about his criminal activity at the Shell station. The case has been rescheduled for October and if you decide to take the stand then, you will still be questioned, under oath, about your criminal activity. As Ben Winston, Tommy Dukes and Bobby Gibson hovered in the background, Alderwoman at Large, Cora Rogers felt the need to explain why she was there. She said she prayed about it and as an elected official of Lumberton, it was her duty to be there. Seriously? This is not city business; this is a personal matter and any elected official that attended this attempt at a miscarriage of justice is there for self-serving reasons. Ben Winston want this blog shut down because too many of his secrets are being uncovered. Tommy Dukes is there because he need the breadcrumbs from Ben Winston's table and Bobby Gibson is there because he is an idiot that think he's still relevant. I guess it's frustrating that his side boo has moved to California and he's forced to get fellatio in the van by other crack heads, allegedly speaking of course. Let's just hope he's not taking Viagra too.

It's interesting that my blog is blamed for the problems that exist in the City of Lumberton but this blog is used to report what's happening in Lumberton. Amazingly, these snakes are willing to gather together to fight against the truth but these same individuals won't work together to help the City of Lumberton grow. Why is the truth so bothersome to them? I have never been concerned with the lies people tell but one citizen said it best:

"...people really don't care about you lying on them. It's when you're spreading the truth that they didn't want anyone to know that they need you silenced."
There you have it. Take note Ben Winston, Cora Rogers and Tommy Dukes, that comment was made by a registered voter that lives in the City of Lumberton not an employee that has no ties to this city. Since all of you can gather together to support those with a warped view of reality, could you all go to city hall and dust off the BBI software program and let us know what's really in our budget. Just imagine, if they were this zealous about being truthful and transparent with the citizens of Lumberton, they might have a chance to do some good for this city but they're focused on the wrong thing. Last time I checked, the freedom of speech wasn't illegal in the United States. Now, my freedom of speech does not mean you must like what I say but I have the freedom to say it. I hope everyone can access this post, there were some technical issues yesterday and to the women at city hall, thank you for reading. Since you're on my blog more than I am could you print me a copy when you print one for the board members; I'm thinking about collating them for posterity.


  1. Based on the pictures it seems that Merlene the Thundercunt is running the show. What did Cora mean by her statement? Merlene is not a resident of Lumberton; she lives in Pearl Rivet Cointy.

  2. So you heard about the Viagra overdose too. I heard it was Bibby Gobson's prescription.

  3. I loved the video apology you posted yesterday. We really need Strphsnie back as our clerk. We all make mistakes and Stephanie is young and we make mistakes as young people. I rather deal with mistakes of a young person than deal with an old fool that should know better. I don't think you should have included the second part of the apology because Jackie Hypolite is a liar just like her dad Ben Winston. They live in Lumberton but they were sending their daughter to school in Oak Grove. Just like our current homecoming queen. She lve in Purvis but go to school in Lumberton. The reason why so many people accept Ben Winston's lies is because they're living a lie too. Can you explain more about the Viagra reference? I'm confused.

  4. I find it funny that none of the white aldermen are there. I know one is a thief but he was there last time. Just look at the picture. All these black elected officials are waiting to testify against someone they knew since he was born for a lazy, badly dressed, unknowledgeable white woman that's been here less than three years and you wonder why this city gas gone to shit. House niggers versus the freedom fighter. Sorry for the language I was just trying to make a point.

  5. Sad to say but Lumberton will eventually die all the way out. Nothing else is coming to town with jobs available. Everyone I graduated with is or has left to either poplarville, Purvis, or Wiggins. Now those towns are growing, lumberton not so much.


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