Liars and Thieves: Meeting at 6

Over the weekend, I was looking into the stings that were pulled to coverup the shoplifting incident at the Shell station. As I was trying to uncover the coverup, I ran into one roadblock after another. I dawned on me that the coverup was coming from within. Tommie Mosley convinced her employees that upper management didn't want charges filed. After speaking to one of her employees, it was revealed that she didn't call 911; instead she called Chief Elsie Cowart directly. After this call, Operation Cover-Up was birthed. The investigation had some twists and turns. Most of my efforts to discover the truth were hindered by the Shell staff who's attitudes are as raggedy as their parking lot. Thankfully, I was able to glean enough details to know that the refusal to arrest Alderman Jay McGraw was something allowed by Chief Cowart and had the Seal of Approval from Mayor Ben Winston.

Had this case been handled properly, Jay McGraw would have been arrested and his resignation would be a pending matter that would be basec on a judge finding him innocent or guilty. Unfortunately, due process is fleeting in this matter because there's enough support on the board to keep a thief in office and to retaliate against any department head or officer that would dare to do their job. In a few hours, Jay McGraw will stand in the board room during prayer and pledge of allegiance before casting votes regarding the police department and budget matters after getting on the news making a confession that he's a shoplifter. Let's say we forget the fact that shoplifting is against the law. What about the ethical ramifications of having a confessed thief serve as an alderman. Ben Winston said my blog was responsible for the lack of interest in Lumberton by potential business owners. But I think a business owner would be less likely to consider a city that has a confessed thief on the board. What reputable business would want to opem in Lumberton when they know an alderman can steal from them and nothing will be done?

Another question you should ask yourself. Why would Mayor Ben Winston, candidate for Lamar County District Supervisor, insist on keeping a thief in his administration? That speaks volumes about his ability to demand transparency and accountability as a District Supervisor. The fact that Ben Winston wants/needs a thief to support the items he placed on the agenda shows he's nottbold enough to demand justice and integrity from those elected to serve. I'm sure Ben will give us his he who is without sin cast the first stone sermon/monthly address tonight but this is not about judging. Jay McGraw confessed to stealing and he should be forgiven but he should suffer the consequences of a thief. This is not a black or white issue, this is an issue of right vs wrong and Jay McGraw was wrong and should resign since he used his political clout to avoid pros3cution.

There's an old saying, if you will lie you will steal, if you will steal you will kill. Well, Jay McGraw has accomplished all of these traits. We've sat through meetings where Jay McGraw has tried to convince Alderman Quincy Rogers that the board voted to hire Richard Rose, despite the absence of any minutes to support his lie. City Government 101, if it's not in the minutes, it didn't happen. Yet, the board still approved payments to Richard Rose despite the fact that his services were never budgeted or appoved in an open meeting. Another lie, the city clerk reported that the insurance for the Gold Coast Skydivers had lapsed but Jay McGraw, the unofficial city clerk, Mayor pro-tempore, grant administrator, historian, armour bearer, Parlamatarian, holder of the chalice with the mysterious contents and stealer of shiny things said the insurance never lapsed. So Jay know more about the duties of the clerk than the actual clerk. Interesting. Since Jay McGraw has refusef to resign, he's killing the City of Lumberton's reputation that was already on life support. The fact that Jay McGraw will continue to serve, shows that integrity is not required or expected from the governing body of Lumberton. It's interesting that Jay McGraw came to Lumberton after Hurricane Katrina and this shoplifting matter began on the cusp of the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Here we are, 10 years later, still dealing with the debris that washed upon the shores of Lumberton after Katrina.


  1. Is this the Hugh McGraw that's married to the Margie McGraw that worked at Josette's Boutique?

  2. It's sad that no one wants to listen to what you have to say because they think you're a troublemaker because this is the most articulate and on-point assessment of the crap going on in this town that I have ever read. As anyone with a business of their own can tell you, no one wants to start a business in a city where every politician is perceived as a thief, and that's what you get when you move your business to Lumberton. Simple as that. And as long as those idiots are in charge, Lumberton will continue to be what it is. Thanks for keeping it real.


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