The People Are Speaking But Are You Listening?

The other night, the Mayor and Board adopted a budget for FY 2016. Prior to the meeting, there were several citizens that had questions for the Mayor. Since Ben Winston could not answer the questions, he make the claim that the meeting was getting out of control. No, the meeting was not getting out of control, he just didn't want to hear from the residents of Lumberton. Surprisingly, he want the same residents he's shunning to turn around and vote for him in November. If you're not listening to us in this small area, what makes you think he's going to listen when he's in a bigger position with more responsibility. Mayor Winston said that this board had turned this city around. I made a video asking when did this city turn around because I obviously missed it. Since I know that this page is monitored by Ben's Clerks, I decided to post a written response to the new claim that the City of Lumberton has been turned around by this board. I'm posting the information here, but I will ask the questions posted here at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. As a matter of fact, I will draft this information in a letter and ask that it be read at the next meeting so it could be included in the minutes.

Mr. Winston, you say you and this board have turned this city around. Would you please elaborate on that claim? In my opinion, I think you have turned the City of Lumberton around but 180 degrees in the wrong direction. I just want you to thrill us with your acumen. Since you love to measure yourself by yourself, you seem to be delusional. You would get the opportunity to respond at the board meeting but let me share some of my insight with you. It is my belief that before you ran for Mayor, you already made your mind up to make another run for District 2 Supervisor. Why would you run for Mayor knowing the term wouldn't be over before the Supervisor election? Oh, was that part of your grand scheme to get your name in the papers and on the news so you can show that you are politically active? Well, if that was your plan, you are failing miserably. You are suffering from the Larry Strahan Syndrome. You knew you had two years to show people what you're made of and you are squandering it because you think you can outsmart voters. Well guess what, aside from those you're paying to post signs in their yards and on their cars, we are paying attention. What have you done for this city that would warrant you getting our support for another position; a position that has more duties and responsibilities? You were a minister, I'm sure you're familiar with the scripture, he that is faithful with the least is also faithful with much. Well, you have shown that you're not one that can handle a small budget for the City of Lumberton so how can you handle a much larger budget in a County position? Now is not the time to bury your talent. You have had two years to show us what you're capable of and you have done nothing with the opportunity you were given. In Matthew 25:26 (NIV) a person like you would be called a "wicked, lazy servant" and I must agree. So, please, explain to the voters why you would make a good supervisor when it's obvious that the position of mayor in a one grocery store town is over your head?

The idea that you're trying to get votes by bragging on the fact that you're doing such a horrible job as mayor is laughable. So your campaign plan is "if you want to get rid of me, then vote for me as supervisor." Seriously!!! You do a piss poor job as mayor and you want votes for a position that pays more and has more responsibilities. You say you have turned this town around and I say you're running this town in the ground. Let's reflect on things that have transpired since you took office. We no longer have adequate police protection. Never before, in the history of Lumberton, has there been a time where we have one officer per shift. Not only are we without officers, we're without patrol cars but you say that's progress. I think not. You say the crime rate is down but not only are we concerned about the thieves in the streets, we now have to deal with the fact that elected officials, your trusted side kick, Hugh Jay McGraw, are stealing from one of the few businesses we have in this city. Can we say that your views are warped? How about the Public Works Department. You came into office saying that outsourcing our garbage collection will save the City of Lumberton money but your decision to have WastePro collect our gargage has put several men out of work; men that worked for over 15 years for the City of Lumberton but you count that as progress. Why do we have Public Works employees that work in the elements, dealing with all types of waste and debris making less that a clerk that was fired and rehired? Doesn't seem like progress to me. Why do we have one three clerks in one office when the former clerk spent countless hours working alone to ensure the budget was balanced, amended and properly entered into the BBI system but in your visions of pseudo progress, it takes three clerks to do the job that was performed by one clerk. Again, it doesn't seem like progress to me. It's amazing that the clerk in the police department, the one that can actually bring in money to help with the budget, is not allowed to work more than 20/week. Again, where is the progress?

Here's something you might not realize Mayor Winston, everything done at city hall is a reflection of you. When an alderman steals, confess to stealing on the news and you do not demand his resignation; it shows that you embrace a lack of integrity and that's not a character trait I want in a District Supervisor. Every time a citizen is disrespected or treated poorly when they come to city hall, that's a reflection of your administration. Every time a resident complain about discrepancies in their water bill and their pleas fall on deaf ears, that's a reflection of Ben Winston's style of leadership. Every time a crime is committed, it remind citizens that you do not care for their safety or protection. Every time a citizen is not allowed to ask questions at a board meeting, it's a reminder that Ben Winston is out of touch and feel he is not accountable to the citizens he is suppose to represent. Your cohorts know they have another two years to fake concern but you want to get a promotion in the next few months and I pray that your quest is denied. On several instances, you said that reputable businesses, accounting firms and potential grants writers refused to help the City of Lumberton because they're afraid of what might be said about them in the Lumberton Informer. Well, if my words are powerful enough to keep people out of Lumberton then it would seen that the opposite is also true. Since you claim that I can keep people out of Lumberton with my blog posts then I should be able to bring people in with my writings. Anyone with a similance of intelligence would try to harness that power instead of trying to extinguish it but then again, we're talking about Ben Winston. Intelligence is not one of the first things that come to mind when your name is mentioned. HOPEFULLY, you will take a moment to evaluate the pointers I'm trying to give you. Sadly, it's not going to help you get elected but maybe it will help you end your term as Mayor on a high note. ;26.


  1. I don't understand why the mayor has not pushed for a company to come take over the old Cooper Buiding and get jobs for Lumberton local people. The rent of the buildings in town are too high that's why no one is opening new businesses. Lumberton was such a nice town and it has gone down to practically nothing. It needs officials to stand up or back down and get someone to revive it!!!

  2. I agree with you. It is time for someone to step up and do something Please resign and let the people choose another for that leadership I would vote for Jay to help turn this town around !! He is more concerned about our city than you !!

  3. I agree with you but what have Warren Byrd done for the City of Lumberton we are in Lamar County. He could do more in fact the Supervisor can being jobs to the City it's part of Lamar County with the help of the Board?????

  4. Warren Byrd had took over the library to keep it from closing the doors, the park to keep it from growing up, the dixie youth baseball fields, redone a few roads, the fire department.....I would say he has done A LOT in his term. more than Mr. Winston ever did or ever will do! If you go to Warren and ask for something to be done, you can bet he tries to help you get it done! He has done alot to help the city of Lumberton that the citizens of Lumberton have no clue about and Mr. Winston would hate to let them know because that may cost him a vote!

  5. It is not the responsibility of the citizens of lamar county to have to help Lumberton. If Lumberton plans on growing they need better leadership in the city. Small businesses can not keep Lumberton afloat. So if the mayor and the city counsel would stop bickering and stay off the news with all the bad that goes on there. Then maybe businesses would come to the town.

  6. I just don't understand how God allows you, Jon, to terrorize and assassinate people's character. I just don't understand why you get away with constant character attacks on anybody. That you are so vile and people follow your lies are beyond me. YOU challenge my faith. YOU are my thorn. If the LORD destroyed all of Lumberton with me and YOU in it, I wouldn't care. I pray that HE makes a mockery of you as you have done of this entire city.

  7. Lumberton Informer I didn't agree with the post above saying that he wish that Lumberton be Destroyed. I have a love for Lumberton. I wish that those people who are on the Board will have the same love and do their JOBS. The people who are vile are you Anonymous and most of Board. Get a life and help make a Change. If the Board and City Clerk would open their ears, eyes and read the law things then will change. They are really the problem not the informer. It like the man in the mirror make that change!!!!!!!!!!


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