Lying for Jesus?

Yesterday, I announced that Cuevas Fish House was moving to Lumberton. The post was the highest trending topic ever for the Lumberton Informer. According to the metrics, at the time of this posting, the post reached over 29,000 people. Most of the comments were from people that were elated about the news. However, there was one comment that stood out in the crowd. Someone asked why the Mayor of Lumberton didn't know about a business coming to his city and this was the response:
"The mayor doesn't tell everything he knows because the negative Nellies run off businesses before they can get in the door to buy a business permit. There were 2 or 3 interested in some of the industrial park and people were so ugly they left town saying the people here don't want new businesses."
Well, based on the response regarding the news about Cuevas moving to Lumberton, I can say that it's not true that the residents of Lumberton do not want new business in their city.

It is my belief the Winston Administration disbanned the Lumberton Planning and Zoning Committee so Ben Winston can deliberately spread misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, specious arguments and lies about the potential businesses that wanted to open in Lumberton. It seems that there's always some mysterious business that almost wanted to open in Lumberton but something was said that made them change their mind. Unfortunately, there's no way for us to verify these claims because Winston and the admitted thief, Jay McGraw, are usually the only ones privy to the information. So we have the choice of believing a liar or a thief. Remember the business that was eagerly waiting to move to Lumberton and start jobs? Well, neither do I but that was the cock and bull story Ben Winston fed the board in order to get them to spot zone the tract of land next to Lumberton Farm and Garden. There was no business plan submitted just the word of Ben Winston. The board members jumped through the hoops and spot zoned the land because Ben promised there would be at least 8 new jobs created. Well, months after the land was rezoned, it has been put back on the market at a higher price thanks to the new zoning specification. So, we're suppose to believe there were 2-3 businesses that wanted to move into the Industrial Park. Where's the proof? If they're a legitimate business they should have submitted some sort of letter on official letterhead or at least attend a board meeting. When the planning and zoning committee was disbanned, we were told that businesses will come to Lumberton because they don't have to go through the process of explaining their intentions. Well, I guess we missed the big business boom. From what I noticed in other counties, specifically Forrest County, most businesses want a planning commission because they don't want to invest in a business without the assurance knowing that anything can open next to their location due to non-regulation. I drove out to see the site for the new Cuevas Fish House and I noticed it wasn't at the location I expected. Apparently, the land that's for sale in Lumberton is still over priced and that's the reason why businesses are not moving to Lumberton; not the negative Nellies that's being blamed for all of Lumberton's failures.

With a planning and zoning committee, businesses will submit a plan and provide details of their business. Without a planning and zoning committee, Mayor Winston can lie and say he was contacted about a business venture but it fell through because he never present anything in writing and as I stated earlier, he's the only one privy to these alleged conversations. Earlier this week, Winston said this board has turned this city around and that crime was down. Unfortunately, that's not true. This morning, there was another police involved car wreck on Myrick Avenue and it seems that we have lost another police car in a department that couldn't afford to lose another mode of transportation. The other police involved accident on Myrick Avenue involved the Tahoe and it has yet to be returned to the City of Lumberton. Is it repaired or is there a problem paying for the repairs? The accident this morning involved Captain Daniel Wilczek. We pray that he is well and we also pray that the elected officials of Lumberton wake up and realize that they're not helping this city by continually cutting the department that's responsible for the safety of citizens and businesses. We want to see multiple officers patrolling the city but the only time we get to see more than one officer in Lumberton is either at court or a board meeting. I pray that you all have a safe weekend and please govern yourselves accordingly. I plan on getting my rest because on Tuesday morning, I must go to court to defend my first amendment rights because the imps of Lumberton City Hall has been granted their day in court. Cioa!


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