Lumberton Is Getting Sued....AGAIN

At the first meeting of the year, the board went into executive session to discuss litigation regarding the water department. I thought it was strange that the board was going into executive session to discuss litigation with the city attorney, Lindsey Carter, was not present but this is Lumberton. I was planning on investigating the matter but I shrugged it off. Well, during a brief trip to the Coast, I stumbled across the details of the litigation that was discussed during executive session. It seems the City of Lumberton is trying to say they don’t have ownership of the water line from the main meter to the individual water meters on the property of Pecan Ridge ( aka Turnkey). Now how did that happen? Didn’t MRHA 8 pay for the water meters that were installed on the various properties owned by MRHA 8?

Another question, if the City of Lumberton does not own the water line then how are they coming onto the property to shut off water services for individuals that do not pay their water bill. Allegedly, the City of Lumberton only has ownership of the water line leading to the main water meter. Therefore, they cannot turn off services for one customer on the property; they would have to shut off water services for the entire property since they’re allegedly claiming they don’t own the water line. I wish I had this information before I paid the water bill because I would have been added to the litigation.

I still think this is tied to another legal matter that arose between MRHA 8 and the City of Lumberton. I still have the documents that may or may not help the City of Lumberton in this case but they will have to ask for them and I don’t think that’s something they’re willing to do. I don’t know how they’re planning to address the potential lawsuit but it seems that every time Lumberton gets sued, they have to hire additional counsel. I wonder why the city attorney cannot handle these cases and how are they paying for these legal fees? In case they didn’t know, MRHA 8 have a legal team and they paid over $2 million dollars for renovations; that’s double the budget of the City of Lumberton and it was spent on tile, drywall, paint, etc. I can only imagine what they’re willing to spend to win a lawsuit. I for one can’t wait to see how this lawsuit pans out because I’m sure the attorney’s for MRHA 8 will have their forensic accountant checking the records and they will quickly notice that our inept city clerk, Merlene Wall, has allegedly been spending money from WSOM to sustain the general fund. In the adapted words of Oda Mae Brown from the movie Ghost, “Lumberton, you in danger girl!” There’s no way I would go in a court of law to defend a lawsuit with Melene Wall as a key witness but I’m sure this conglomerate of idiots will. I defeated her without one witness and the City of Lumberton is going to rely on her lies and inaccurate information to go against a HUD funded giant like MRHA 8. She’s going to sink this city one way or another. I will update you when I get more details.


  1. You have kept us informed over the years and I'm glad you're still doing that. I would like to suggest you start a letter trail this year. I know Crider is going to stumble now that he's Chief Idiot. So use this time to prepare for 2017 and to reach out to state agencies. I know they're reading the blog but make sure they're hearing from you. Write the State Auditor and Attorney General and send copies of those letters to the news outlets to create a paper trail. We can assume they know what's going on in Lumberton or we can be assure they know what's going on in Lumberton by directly addressing them. I hope you start the ball rolling on this one.


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