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For the people at city hall to have such disdain for me they spend a lot of time on my blog. Apparently, they took my sarcasm in the last post of 2015 to heart and now they’re scrambling to get Crider sworn in before the election is actually certified. Don’t they know that everyone that has a measure of intelligence can see they are working overtime to steal an election. Why are they so hard pressed to keep me out of city hall? Someone stated on the blog that I should be ashamed to show up at city hall after losing the election. Did I lose the election or did I discover the new depths of corruption? With all the errors that was revealed during this special election, I now question the results of all the past elections here in Lumberton.

On December 20, 2015, Crider was at Ward’s telling everyone that he was mayor and for an entire week he was making his rounds with the news outlets telling everyone that would listen that according to the attorney general opinion he found there wouldn’t be a runoff election while I was contacting the same news outlets, providing them with the law that stated a runoff election was required. Somehow, my story, you know the one that was actually true, was never printed in the Hattiesburg American. I guess Haskel Burns lost the interview tape. On yesterday, I received reports that Crider was in Fiorella’s saying he was getting sworn in before the meeting and would serve a mayor at the first meeting of the year. Really. I guess they’re trying to get this election wrapped up before any more errors surface.

Pictured above is a copy of the notice that was posted at the Lumberton Public Library for the special call meeting that was scheduled on December 22, 2015 to set the date for the runoff election for December 29, 2015. If you notice, the notice states the meeting will be held on December 29, 2015. In addition to the fact that Cora Rogers called a meeting to order that did not have a quorum, the board was holding an illegal meeting because the meeting was not properly posted. At the actual meeting, with the city attorney present, Cora Rogers called a meeting to order without an actual quorum. There were only two aldermen present and they went on with the meeting, said the prayer, pledge of allegiance and read the item on the agenda before anyone said anything about the lack of a quorum then they sat there calling the other aldermen and waiting 5-6 minutes before they could start the meeting. If they’re making these type of errors in areas they’re supposed to know ,in positions they've had for 2-6 years, I can’t help but wonder what type of errors they made in their efforts to be deceitful. Why cheat?

When they went in the backroom to review the 12 affidavit ballots, it took them over an hour to review 12 affidavit ballots. They discarded 7 of the 12 ballots based on information they received from Cora Rogers but didn’t bother contacting the Circuit Clerk’s office. Their explanation for discarding the ballots was the claim they did not live in the city limits but at least 5 of the 7 voters lived within blocks of me. So, if they were not qualified to vote then how was I qualified to run for office? Later, Crider made the claim in the Hattiesburg American that the ballots were discarded because they voters had felony records. They’re so willing to besmirch the voters that now they’re categorized as felons. I wonder where he got that information from. OAN, kudos to Merlene, according to a report, she managed to hold the special election and the runoff election for $2,000. When Aaron Lott resigned, the special election cost over $2,500 but then again, Merlene is the one that don’t know how to prepare a budget so I don’t trust those numbers anyway. Let me get off this blog and get on the phone with the Secretary of State’s office. See you at the board meeting.


  1. I noticed that every story ran in the Hattiesburg American about this election had Kent Crider's picture attached. I also wondered where was the story responding to the claims Crider made. Let me guess, all the discarded ballots belonged to black voters. Of course they're all felons. They're black. If my name was on that list I would be raising pure hell but I guess people don't care that their skin color automatically qualifies them as felons. Keep fighting because we see what they're doing.

  2. Hey! Let's celebrate! Lumberton has a white mayor again! Happy days are here again! Now let's get rid of Elsie and we can have all white department heads and we can thank the Coons at City Hall Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers for rallying support from the black community. The Danes ones they're going to plead for votes from in 2 years. Yee Haw!

  3. Wait. Don't a copy of the notice go in the minutes? I can't wait for the board to approve the minutes and see what Merlene put in the minute books. She's either going to have some integrity and post the copy she sent out or she's going to forge a new notice. I hope Merlene know that the librarian keeps a file of ALL notices announcing a special call meeting. She can claim that Jonathan doctored the document but there's an original copy at the Lumberton library. Make sure you request a copy of the minutes and include this error in your petition to contest the election and in your ethics complaint to the Secretary of State. You finally got them in a pickle. I wonder what options they're going to come up with now because it looks like the City of Lumberton is about to pay for another election. Kent says he's the winner then he should have his letter of resignation on tonight's agenda. Please keep us informed!

  4. Keep fighting for justice but don't let this battle make you bitter. When them bitches show up at your door asking for help with their eviction notices ask them to show you their signature in the voter sign in sheet. If it's not there then show them the door.

  5. Gas that miserable bitch Merlene pressed charges on you for tripping her or did she get trapped by her lies again? She convinced the board that surveillance cameras were needed because you were stalking her. Now she can't lie because the cameras don't support her lies. I guess that raggedy, rotten crotch whore is going to have her bulldog looking husband attending meetings again with his lips poked out. I guess you realize that it was Melissa's husband Greg that was posting all those childish anonymous comments. But wasn't he the one calling you Mr. Jonathon at the meetings? Watch your 6 because they hate your intelligent ass. I wonder if they thought stealing the election would make you less of a threat or were they hoping people would view you as a sore loser after the Alzheimer's Gang helped steal your votes. Yeah Lisa that includes your Mommie. Are you going to block me too?


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