Recap of Special Election and Run-Off Election: In Pictures

Here's a recap of the election that will be remembered for years to come. It's mainly photos and screenshots but they provide insight to the problems that continue to plague Lumberton. The ballot that rocked the election.

There was a lot of debate about the improper disposal of a ballot and everyone had an chimed in, including the person that improperly disposed of the ballot.

After posting a photo with the title and hashtag Thieves In the Temple??? a former friend tried to turn the questionable election into an attack on her mother. She later went on a diatribe saying her mother put Lumberton on the map and she's probably saying more but she's since blocked me on social media. Despite the distraction tactics, it added more questions to an already questionable election.

Next there was questions about a run-off election. It seems that Merlene Wall and Kent Crider were confused about the opinion versus law.

People were voicing their concerns and wanted to know why Lumberton didn't want change.

Crider's daughter had a lot to say about the election.

The date for the run-off election was set with the incorrect date posted on the notice of the special call meeting and people prepared for the run-off with a lot of things getting said in closed groups or on pages that have me blocked. I still get screenshots from the Lumberton Connection despite the fact that I'm blocked from the page but keep discussing me in closed groups and I will keep discussing you openly.

The runoff election was held and the husband of a the deputy clerk had some crude posts regarding the election. Since they were laced with profanity I limited them to one screenshot. He apparently does not grasp the meaning behind a runoff election. The fact that there was a runoff election clearly shows there was not winner so I don't know where he got the idea that I lost twice but I stopped trying to explain things to people that fail to comprehend.

The election was close but there was another dispute; 7 of the 12 affidavit ballots were discarded because Cora Rogers allegedly stated that my neighbors did not live in the city limits of Lumberton. To make sure the ballots were rejected, Crider claimed that the ballots were rejected because the voters had felony records.

Kent Crider was sworn in today as Mayor of Lumberton. Before the ceremony, I went to city hall to get a copy of the run-off election signature list. Merlene Wall, in her infinite ignorance, told me that I could not have a copy (video was posted on the Lumberton Informer Facebook page) but when I called the Secretary of State's office, I was informed that since the city clerk has refused to release a copy of the list to a candidate, I can contest the election to obtain a copy. I wanted to put this election behind me but thanks to Merlene, the drama continues.


  1. Did you see the photos of the swearing in ceremony on Hattiesburg American? Looked like a Klan meeting. Where was Ben, Bobby, Tommy and Cora? I'm sure they needed some servants. They''s happy they got a white mayor who's promising the same rebarb plant Ben promised and another Louisiana restaurant that's going to close in 3 months. I guess some more swamp rats gave landed in Lumberton. Two more years of corruption. Next step County takeover.

  2. Did you go to the swearing in ceremony? I heard there was plenty of white trash there.

  3. Kent's getting us another fly by night restaurant from some group from Lousy-Anna. How long will this one stay?



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