Recount: Special Election Redux

This morning, I meet with the election commissioner, two poll workers at the city clerk at Lumberton's City Hall for a recount of the votes cast during the run-off election. I don't know if the matter helped but it's a necessary process in order to seek relief from a circuit court. When they came into the room I had to pinch myself because Merlene was being so polite. I guess she can only show her fangs in front of the board members that support her and the two clerks that accepts her behavior. I hope they didn't think I was going to sit there and go through all those ballots. The ballots I was concerned with were the ones that were not counted. There were several "spoiled" ballots that were not counted; one was questionable while the others were clearly marked "Jonathan F. Griffith" but were discarded because they had other marks on the ballots.

There were seven (7) affidavit votes that were never counted because they were told that the people voting either did not live within the city limits of Lumberton or were not registered to vote. In an interview with the Hattiesburg American, Crider said that the affidavit votes were not counted because the voters were felons. Since none of the people that were accused of being felons disputed the claims, their votes were not counted. It's hard enough to get people out to vote so image how difficult it is to get them to vote, go to city hall and probably make several calls to prove that they have the right to vote. In order to proceed, I had to get an account of those votes because they should have been counted since state law doesn’t expressly prohibit people from voting by affidavit in a new precinct if they fail to transfer their registration. The voters that were disenfranchised are residents of Lumberton and may have failed to transfer their registration but their vote should have counted. The sloppiness of this special election has led to concerns about fraud and that's why I'm fighting to ensure that every vote is counted. My next step is to see what happens with the appeals going on with the State Legislators in Jackson. The election disputes taking place in Jackson will give me ammunition I need to Move Forward with my case. Another matter I'm currently dealing with is the city clerk's refusal to give me a copy of the signature list for the special election. At this point, I'm going to let the attorneys at the Secretary of State explain the law to her regarding public records and I will keep you updated on that process.

After leaving city hall, I noticed there was a posting of a special call meeting for tonight. It seems they are going to sign the inter-local agreement with Lamar County for the volunteer fire department. There's also some changes that need approving for the CDBG grant and they need to establish a review committee for the grant by January 29, 2016 so paperwork can be submitted by February, 2016. It seems they're still looking for a way to keep from paying court clerk, Betty Speights. The notice said they need to establish an effective date to begin her increase in hours and pay. The night the board voted to increase her pay was the same night they voted to increase the pay of a Public Works employee but they specified that his pay raise was effective immediately. Why wouldn't they do the same for Speights? Also, I noticed they left off the name of Alderwoman Cora Rogers on the meeting notice. In her short time as Mayor Pro-Tempore, she managed to show everyone her true colors and left no doubt in our minds that she's not to be trusted. Interestingly, the powers that be (Kent Crider and Merlene Wall) are showing her that a token is only good for one ride and they've discarded her like a used condom (pun intended). I guess I will attend the meeting to keep you updated on the progression or regression of the city but if they take too long I'm leaving because I'm not missing NCIS.


  1. Cora Rogers has torn her draws and she can never ask me to vote for her ever again. People see her for the P.O.S. she is. You said you're going to the meeting. For what? Let them get off their asses and see for themselves. You take time to go to these meetings and they won't go make sure their vote is counted. I say f them! But that's just me.

  2. I saw you outside but didn't see you in the church. Did you miss the part when Tommy Dukes tried to quote a scripture and then asked the audience how the scripture goes? I almost fell out. That big dummy.

  3. I guess it's true Blacks are lazy they set back and wait for others to fight for their rights and only show up for free, fire and fights. "Sad"

  4. Jay, why waste your time trying to help Lumberton. It seems that people doesn't care that Lumberton isn't ???? And why can't they see its not black or white, and not about were you live in the City

  5. It so many way to cheat on a written ballot, those ballots mean nothing. All you have to do is check a new ballot and make sure that the sign in and the ballots are the same amount for example 110 signed the register and 110 ballots you can change how ever many you like for who ever you like. Can we trust Merlene and her BFFs I don't think so I have seen their track record. Jonathan keep up the fight I am sure one day the City of Lumberton will wake up. Praying for you and thanks for all you do for the future of Lumberton my children and my children's children. Lumberton will be a great City again and not just memories. Cider is not the change we need but we have 2 years what can he do in 2 years and served 6 years as an Alderman and did nothing to help the Community as a hold. The Color of your skin with not change knowledge. He had a vote when some of the Mayors were Black and the Alderman are the ones who make all the decision for the City of Lumberton not the Mayor. The Alderman gave Ben Winston the power because of promises he made and the back door deals.

  6. That's true the Mayor has no Power in the City only what the Aldermen give him. If he veto the Alderman still can rule on it after so many days and he can break a tie so what change can a Mayor make. He is only a Supervisor over the City's Workers and he can't hire or fire an Employee and he answer to the Board of Aldermen and the name Mayor that's it.


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