Danny Davis: Lumberton's Water Boy

In light of the water issues taking place in Flint, Michigan due to poor administrative decisions, I posted a question on Facebook asking if Lumberton had any lead pipes and wondered about the quality of our water supply since there has been cuts and a failure to repair a damaged well. I also had someone call city hall to ask Danny about our water system but instead of responding, he decided to get on the closed page of a social media site to address “certain” members of the community while refusing to respond to the person that called with concerns. True to form, in his response, Danny said I never called city hall and in another case reading with no comprehension, the post clearly stated that I had someone to call city hall. Since Davis wanted me to call personally, I called city hall and posted the video of the telephone call. Guess what? No response!!!

After I received the screenshots, I was amazed at the great lengths he went to disparage me and make claims that I was a liar but he could have simply answered the question and said the water supply in Lumberton is safe and that there’s no plan to increase the water rates. Danny Davis like to pretend that he’s concerned about the City of Lumberton but keep in mind he does not live in the City of Lumberton and if they water system goes bad he’s not going to consume the water. The question was logical but Danny was so fixated on referring to those wanting answers as “lost souls.” The department heads are so vexed when I attempt to hold them accountable.

When one person asked Danny why he didn’t answer the questions, it appears he became agitated because he was supposed to be in a safe environment where bashing of the Lumberton Informer is accepted but he was forced to take off his mask and allow his true rude nature to show. Danny apparently researched the person questioning him and didn’t feel he should explain anything to a person that lived in Purvis. When it comes to the water supply, anyone wanting an answer should be given a truthful answer. I don’t care if the person is from Lumberton or Lithonia, if you feel the water is safe, why wouldn’t you respond to the question since you initiated the conversation. Not surprisingly, the We Love Danny Klan came to his defense when he said he was not politically correct. I guess that’s another part of the privilege he has because the fact that I present the truth about Danny Davis and other department heads is viewed, by some, as an attempt to destroy Lumberton when it’s actually an attempt to help the City of Lumberton.

Since you ‘re not man enough to answer me Danny, why don’t you get on the Lumberton Connection and explain why the well pump has not been repaired because you say you don’t have the money but you have money to hand out raises in the middle of a fiscal year. Explain how you’re planning on seeking another water rate increase because the incompetent city clerk, Merlene Wall is using the funds from WSOM to float the expenses that should be paid from the general fund. Explain why there’s been claims of a $2.5 million dollar sewer improvement grant for over a year but none of the water and /or sewer issues in Lumberton have been addressed. Explain what happened to the grant Cora Rogers help secure for the sewer system but the residents of Lower Airport Road refused the services. What happened to that grant Danny? I know one of your cheerleader, Linda Henderson Smith, claimed that I am questioning you because I have nothing better to do. If she think my concern about the safety of my drinking water is a non-issue then she can go kick rocks while she continue to monitor my page like it’s her hobby. Danny you also said that I’m afraid to question you in person. I’m guessing you forgot the last time I questioned you in person. You behaved like a toddler, dramatically threw your keys on the podium and stomped out the board room claiming you quit…….again and then came back in and took your seat when Bobby Gibson begged you to say. I’m sure your heart leaped with joy when he ran after you because we both knew that you were not going anywhere and you feel you don’t have to answer my questions about the quality of water in the City of Lumberton because you have a mayor and board that will support your infantile behavior. Hopefully, we won’t become the next Flint, Michigan because you can’t stop behaving like a boy and man up to your responsibilities as the Public Works Director. Despite what your supporters may think, any citizen that has concerns about the water supply should have their questions answered. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?


  1. Too Anne Sassafrass Jinner I have the same concerns. It's seem to me that Danny is an Ass and don't really have answers. I will be excited when the Citizens of Lumberton gets tried of this BS and decide to take a stand and make that change.

  2. Good LAWD, Say it aint so ! Lumberton please don't have that nasty water like them folks in Flint Missouri. It seems ok right now. and it drink pretty good. I just hope they city officials keep it real and keep the peoples safe and especially the childrens.


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