Moving Forward

Today I had a blog post that was going to shake the poll workers and the election commissioner to their core but after the day I had I decided not to publish the post. For the first time in years, I actually experienced the favor of God and I had a breakthrough. I don’t have time to dwell on what happened and those that broke every law to make it happen. Regardless of what happened, I’m moving forward. I could go on about how Linda Knight Martin allowed the election process to be tarnished and I could talk ad nauseum about how Mary Slaughter and the other women also participated in the tainting process but what would be the point; they know what they did; the people of Lumberton and surrounding areas know what they did and their feelings towards me is very clear. What’s the point of posting conversations that were overheard at restaurants in Hattiesburg and at Lumberton city hall? They know what they said and its time out for pettiness; I will leave that to the dedicated readers of the Lumberton Connection.

As I stated, I’m moving forward. Just because Lumberton said no or was helped to say no does not mean anything when God says “YES!” Again, I’ve prayed for many years and this week I stepped out on faith and God cleared my path. Am I finished with politics? Absolutely not! Will I continue to hold the elected and appointed officials accountable? Absolutely! Did I have plans on going back to college to get another degree? No. But God! Because of my previous degrees, I’m not required to take the core courses and now I’m getting a degree in Communications. When I returned to the campus of William Carey, I was praying “God, don’t let me have any classes in Tatum Court” and after speaking with my advisor, I realized that all of my classes are in Tatum Court. I loathe those stairs but earlier this week I enrolled in a fitness course and was assigned a personal trainer at the Family Y. Look at God! I know there are those that wished I would have been devastated when I was not elected as Mayor of Lumberton but I hate to disappoint you (not really); but I’m still standing and I will continue to blog about Lumberton. Now, it’s your choice if the news is good or bad. Also, I can’t change what happened during the special election but it’s time for more people to stand up and request to be poll workers. The fact that no one knew what was going on, the poll workers didn’t reflect the demographics of the city, no one seemed to care that torn ballots ended up in the women’s restroom and the city clerk was over involved in the election process is a problem and the only way to eliminate that problem is to get more people to volunteer to be poll workers. Hopefully we can get a set of poll workers that aren’t longing for the days of white’s only and colored water fountains.

It’s clear that Merlene is part of the problem that exist in Lumberton but if the board is not willing to find a solution the City of Lumberton will continue to suffer. It’s apparent that Merlene is eerily similar to the problematic Nurtia rat that plagues her home state of Louisiana; she’s an invasive pest that is destructive and lacks value. Until she’s eradicated, the City of Lumberton will continue to suffer; there will continue to be a lack of accountability and we will never receive a complete audit and that’s why I will continue to blog and record the violations of the Mississippi Open Meetings Act because at some point, the state investigators will converge on the City of Lumberton and I want to be there to report it to those that read this blog. There shouldn’t be any concern about missing one meeting because I’m not retreating I’m just giving them enough rope to hang themselves. I admit I was disappointed by the lack of participation in the special election but it is what it is and I thank God that it opened my eyes. There’s nothing like an election to show you who’s actually in your corner. In retrospect, I think God was protecting me. The tangled web of deceit can’t continue forever and I think something is going to happen before the next city election and thankfully, I won’t be in the midst of the fallout but I will be there to report the details.

I think I said it in a previous post or video but 2017 will be here before you know it. I know there are some that have written Kent Crider off and then there are those that think he can do no wrong because he’s their great white hope but whatever the case may be, he’s on record as saying that the $2.5 million dollar grant cannot go through unless he was elected to serve as Mayor of Lumberton. Well, through hook, crook and nook, he got his wish and we the citizens of Lumberton are eagerly awaiting the start date of the grant, the takeover by the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office, the flood of new industry and all the other great deals he’s going to secure with the Lamar County Board of Supervisors since he’s the only candidate they were willing to work with. So give him time to get all these terrific feats accomplished. Wait…..he had 6 years to accomplish something so we should hear about the new factory in the Industrial Park within the next 90 days since he didn’t have the delay of a learning curve. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will let you know about the new blog format that’s coming soon. Peace and Blessings!


  1. Merlene the Nutra-rat. Sounds about right.

  2. Don't let Johnny Buckley near ANY child. You are warned


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