Fast and Furious: Bobby Ducote

A new season of the Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws” will premiere tonight and will feature Lumberton’s own, Bobby Ducote. Bobby’s need for speed has probably made him a target of the Lumberton Police Department but he has honed his skills and has landed on the Discovery Series: “Street Outlaws: New Orleans.”

The series will feature some of the Southeast’s fastest racers as they form an underground street racing league. The show will follow the exploits of a driver named Kelly, who will defend his title from the driver’s seat of his racing machine called “The Shocker.” It is said that Kelly want to put The Big Easy on the street racing map but it is my belief that Bobby Ducote and his 1971 Maverick, affectionately named “Lil Legend” will put the City of Lumberton on the map and possibly bring more attention to the sleeper city by featuring a racer from the this area.

It has been noted in a press release that this season of “Street Outlaws: New Orleans” will prove to be a challenge with high stakes, bigger battles, more smack talk and faster cars than this city has ever seen. The new season has the motto befitting its locale” “No Fear, No Rules, No Saints.” Tune in to Discovery Channel tonight to cheer on Lumberton’s own Bobby Ducote as he represent his love of speed and the City of Lumberton like a Maverick in a Maverick. Check your local listing for times. I will definitely will follow this series. Go Ducote! You make us #LumbertonProud.


  1. Word UP bro ! I seen this last night ! That home boy can RACE ! #LumbertonProud and by the way...Boss Hog and Cletus show cant catch this bad mofo ! #REPRESENT LT!


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