Stacking the Deck: House of Cards Will Eventually Fall

As I’ve said many times before, there are those, usually the obtuse readers of the Lumberton Connection, that has a problem with reading and comprehension. Tuesday night I posted that I wasn’t going to attend the board meeting because of inclement weather. Later that night, I posted photos someone inboxed me of the reception. Immediately, I noticed that the reception was basically a “whites only” event and I noted that. Here’s what I posted, “Tonight, alternate building inspector, Johnny Buckley, was sworn in as Alderman, Ward 1 and afterwards a select group were invited to the “white party” reception. Noticeably absent Tommy Dukes, Jr and Cora Rogers aka the help.” Now here’s what some belligerent reader thought I said. “I was at the board meeting and was not allowed to attend the reception in the transformed executive session room because I never delete posts and that’s not true because you deleted your video talking about W-2 forms….blah, blah, blah. Now, even a marginally intelligent reader would understand that I never said I was at the board meeting but for some reason, there were a select few that felt the need to point that out for some reason. Despite the fact that I wasn’t at the meeting, I knew the meeting started late because there was no quorum because Cora Rogers was ill and did not attend, they held executive session in the mayor’s office and despite the person’s attempt to show that there were actually four black people at the board meeting, two of whom are elected, there was only one black person at the reception but the person that actually took the time to show me that the room was full of people from all races, made a point to say she was colorblind but specifically selected photos she thought would support the point she was attempting to make.

Since there’s so much confusion about what I said, let me note here for future reference, if you post information on my blog that is not accurate, you will be deleted; if you make references to assumptions and not facts, you will be deleted; if you are posting on my page from a fake account, you will be deleted; videos may be temporary or permanent so you may want to continue saving them to your phone or computer because they may be deleted. Now I know that reasonable people don’t have a problem understanding this but this is directed to the people that probably thought the old post I shared yesterday about Hobson was current; they probably saw the link and didn’t bother reading the caption attached to the post. Silly rabbits. Also, as I have stated over the years, this blog is not required reading but never think you can challenge me and I’m not going to clap back. If you can prove me wrong, then by all means, do so. I’m not delusional, I know there’s segments that will never believe what I say but since they can’t produce any factual rebuttals, they resort to other measures. It’s amazing how quickly fans become foes. Prior to the election, Linda Henderson Smith was on the blog daily, especially when I posted about the pint size preacher, Paul Ockmond. However, she became salty after I posted an unfortunate truth about her friend, Linda Knight Martin. Oh well. For the record, I will not entertain foolishness in 2016. I know some of you hoped I was going around with a bowed head after the stolen election but everything happens for a reason. Since I’m not mayor, I get to continue to blog. Now is that a good thing or a bad thing? You may want to reserve your decision until after you read the post I’m working on for Friday. Hold on to your Depends because it’s going to be a barn burner.

Now for today’s intended post, on Tuesday, Johnny Buckley was sworn in as Alderman, Ward 1 after Linda Knight Martin found another loophole to fix the outcome of another election. Buckley is another Louisiana mudbug that has made his way into the City of Lumberton. Forgive me, I really shouldn’t call him a mudbug since so many people like crawfish. Buckley, along with Jay McGraw, Merlene Wall and others are Coypu (Nutra Rats) that have burrowed their way into Lumberton politics. A few years ago, Johnny Buckley was given the position of alternate building inspector after he presented a stack of paperwork he probably printed at home about his various certifications because the board never checked any of his references. For some reason, there was a big hub bub about the actual building and code inspector, Andrew Beamom, not showing up for last minute inspections so the board decided that they needed an inspector that lived within Lumberton’s city limits and oddly, they also wanted someone that voted in Lumberton. Apparently, those requirements were thrown out the window when it came to selecting clerks. Anywho, Buckley was hired as an alternate inspector but for some reason, the city clerk stopped calling the actual inspector and referred everything to Buckley. Being true crabs, Bobby Gibson and Timothy Johnson, sided with Kent Crider in this decision.

Later, when Crider wanted to dismantle the fire department because Jerry Walters dared to run against him for the position of Alderman, Ward 1, Buckley was chosen to become a part of the advisory board for the Lumberton Volunteer Fire Department along with Jerry Brown, and Guy Serrin. Crider had managed to stack the deck and successfully dismantled the Lumberton Volunteer Fire Department for political posturing and didn’t care about jeopardizing the safety and well-being of the citizens of Lumberton. I know there are those that probably tried to figure out why I wasn’t at the meeting and they were probably hoping I threw in the towel. Well guess again. I look forward to being there when this house of cards tumble. Crider promised that the $2.5 million dollar grant could not get approved without him as Mayor of Lumberton. February 19, 2016 will be the one year anniversary of the announcement of the grant. I’m just waiting to see when the matching funds are paid and work begin on this grant. I’m also waiting for Lamar County to take over the police department; another promise made by Kent Crider. The people were so over joyed about getting a white mayor and now they have a majority white board (two white aldermen, two coons and Alderman Quincy Rogers) so there shouldn’t be any problems “making Lumberton great again” or is that another colloquialism that basically mean we want white people in control since most black voters don’t vote?


  1. You saw his wife didn't you? Now you know why he prefer sleeping with his niece. Hell sleeping with Blackie, the family dog, would be more appealing.

  2. He was just sworn in this week. Are you going to give him a chance to prove himself? He may have his own brain.

  3. Barn burner!! Hahahahaha!! I laughed out loud for real :)

  4. Sad, what a big problem this is becoming. See what one white woman can do all laws are broken and Government Officials are looking the other way. I am from Lumberton and I have never seen Lumberton in this condition before. I guess Anonymous was correct when he/she was concern about back room deals. Property will be sold for less and the Airport will continue to rob the City. Marlene will continue to be nasty to the public and no good changes will come for the next 2 years we are down hill from here. I am sure we will have a new Police Chief soon. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. We had our problems before but a new devil is in town. For those of you who didn't vote this is for you I am going to enjoy this ride it's on now. The next Board Meeting is going to be the shit. They have all their votes with Tommy, Jay, Johnny and Cora. Has Ben won or not? I think his cards look good all the monkeys are in place with the help of one White Woman. Rape in a different form. I am excited to see what is the next move. Marlene has played her hand along with broking laws so you have to come in big!

  5. Ok, We will give him a chance but it doesn't look good. He had a reception and no people of color but one or two and Marlene, Ben, Tommy, Paul and Jay are friends. Ok we will see. They all look the same but I will try to keep an open mind but my head keep going side to side. The next Board meeting in March unless they have a call meeting. Lumberton Informer please attend the Board Meetings because without you we will not be informed and Thank you. I have to tell my Mother what is going on in Lumberton she doesn't have a Computer but she love the Informer and don't stop blogging. Love Ya

  6. The deals are made. This was the final piece to the puzzler. Payday, deep pockets with big wallets. Lumberton sold to the lowest bid and resold for the highest profit. Get ready, get ready!!!!

  7. Look at this picture closely. Those People are Paying little to no taxes for the City of Lumberton nor Lamar County. They are tax exempt because of their age so for all of you tax paying Citizens who are treated like dirt by them like Marlene, she has no right. Marlene's tax paying years was with another State and City and now she comes to a City that she has no part of and think she has the right but be upset or angry at yourself because the City set back and do nothing including Law Makers, sometime I think they are paid under the table or just lazy.

    I know Lumberton have intelligent People who are well educated that can handle the job at City Hall will class and know how to treat the Citizens.

  8. Miriam stated that Marlene could handle the City Clerk position. Liar!!!!

    1. Miriam is responsible for Merlene getting hired but at the time she was probably going on the lies from the resume and interview. Now the current board knows she's incompetent but they're still keeping the diaper wearing deputy city clerk. I wonder why?


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