Alternative Blacks and their Alternative Facts

We're on the eve of the second regular scheduled board meeting of 2017 and those elected to represent the City of Lumberton are not conducting themselves in a professional manner. Since the last board meeting, where the board members decided to show they fully support an employee that committed a criminal act while on the clock, the board members and the city clerk have tried to set up road blocks in an attempt to build a case against me. Those of you that read and/or troll the blog, you noticed there were several attempts to show their full support of Danny Davis. Your current mayor, Kent Crider, went to the Lamar County Library Board meeting with a slew of misinformation; he said the assault started outside, that some disgusting language that he could not repeat was disseminated using the library's internet service, that he's planning to organize a ban of the Lumberton Public Library and he also proved he was not well versed in any laws. I thought Ben Winston's plea to have the Lamar County Board of Supervisors go into executive session was the dumbest move by any mayor but Kent Cider took stupid to another level when he regurgitated a story he obviously received when meeting with Danny's family. Since the last meeting, Merlene was out of the office on several occasions that ranged from lunch dates with Susan Critter, trips to Sam's and other non-business related excursions. I'm sure nothing will be done about these absences since the current board think an assault that occurs at a 9:30 a.m. lunch break is not a violation of employee code of conduct. However, Merlene did manage to get some work done while visiting her office. She mailed me a certified letter claiming I owed the City of Lumberton $18 for some printed copies despite having my letter on file instructing her NOT to print any copies if the cost exceeded $5. During one of her many trips to Sam's Club, Merlene claimed I was stalking her.....again. Here's a tip, if you don't want anyone to recognize your vehicle, them you shouldn't have lashes on the headlights. Here's another tip, if you're over the age of 21, you shouldn't have lashes on your car, van or jeep. I also heard that Merlene was taking part in Kent Crider's boycott of the Lumberton Public Library. The Friend's of the Library were/are selling chocolate covered strawberries to help with the cost associated with the reading programs and Merlene allegedly said "she will not support anything at the library." Why am I not surprised. Of course she would not support a place of knowledge, intellect, education and integrity.

Where was I? Oh, I was supposed to be blogging about the lack of competent representation we have here in the City of Lumberton. I don't know what idiotic decisions will be made on the second board meeting of the year but I'm sure they will vote out of a place of pride and not professionalism. It amazes me that we're months before another election and they're showing you that they're garbage and that they don't care about you or this city. For some reason, the board is rushing to sale the National Guard Armory; I guess the board members are trying to get another kickback in before the end of their term. I'll talk about that more in the next blog post. As you know, candidates are coming gathering their signatures for the upcoming election. As a matter of fact, Paul Ockmond is trying to pay people to run for office. I wonder if he sponsored the campaigns of Cora Rogers and Tommy Dukes? After seeing them sit there like stumps on the log when Alderman Quincy Rogers tried to get a second on the motion to suspend Danny Davis, I knew these sell outs were for sale. In case you forgot, Cora Rogers helped Crider get into office because the election committee allegedly allowed her to declare residents of Lumberton lived outside the city limits and to add injury to insult, Crider said the votes were not counted because the voters had felony records. Did I expect Cora Rogers and Tommy Dukes to second the motion because they're black. Of course not! I expected one of them to second the motion because it was the right thing to do. I knew Dukes would not man up and do his job because he lacks the capacity to do so but I had a glimmer of hope that Cora would show a sliver of integrity as a mother, a woman that proudly touts her degree in theology, and as a business woman and respond accordingly. Of all those that remained silent, she was the biggest disappointment but her actions showed every voter who she really is as a person.

The assault case has taken on a life of it's own. Most of the people that have an opinion about he assault don't care if Danny is innocent or guilty; they're concern is that he's white and that makes him right in their sight. The fact that the elected officials cannot separate their personal feelings from the need to respond professionally is another reason it's time to get representatives in office that will put people above politics. Previous boards have fired police officers, clerks, and other employees for less but this board couldn't muenster enough personal responsibility to suspend an employee that committed a crime while on the clock. They think their actions is an indictment against me and the things I've said in the blog but their actions just prove that I was on the right track with the things posted in my blog. In the end, the ones sitting on the platform, Merlene Wall, Susan Critter, Johnny Buckley, Kent Crider, Tommy Dukes, Jr. and Cora Rogers, are the ones making the City of Lumberton look bad. I pray that God have mercy on our city and that the citizens save us from this madness and elect a group of representatives that want to move the City of Lumberton forward. The current board refuse to acknowledge their transgressions, their shortcomings, their smugness, their selfishness and their pride. They're hypocrites who attempt to sound reasonable while being unreasonable.


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