Be The Change....

As you know, this is an election year for the City of Lumberton and other surrounding municipalities. For years, self-serving agendas have ruled Lumberton. We complain about the people ruining our city but we're not willing to give others an opportunity to show leadership through service; something that's lacking from this and previous administrations. Lumberton is on life support and a mortician has the authority to pull the plug. Do you really think a person that specializes in death is capable or willing to support life. Death is his bread and butter and Lumberton's corpse is just another opportunity to put more money in his pockets.

Over the weekend, those currently serving on the board were at various events gathering signatures in order to have their names placed on the ballot. Each candidate is looking to get re-elected. All of the candidates have made their intentions known except for Tommy Dukes, Jr. He's collecting signatures but he's also claiming that he's not sure if he's going to run. If he wasn't planning on running he wouldn't be gathering signatures. He's hoping no one else from Ward 4 will run so he can run unopposed again. When I heard that people were actually signing the paperwork for those currently serving, I realized that there's some people in Lumberton that do not care about the condition of the City of Lumberton. The people currently serving on the board would not second an motion to suspend an employee that committed a crime while on the clock but they want you to sign your name, attesting that they're viable candidates; good stewards. Over the past four years, less for Critter and Buckley, these individuals have shown you who they are. By signing their petition to have their names placed on the ballot, you're saying you support their decision to allow the city clerk to continue to mail water bills out late, you support the lack of consistency in the amount you're charged each month for water bills, you support the fact that we never get an accurate report from the department heads, you support the board eliminating police protection, you support the lack of accountability when it comes to the upkeep of certain communities/cemeteries, you support the city giving away profitable buildings/businesses because the mayor said we can't afford the monthly utility bills (where's the report about the bills), you support citizens getting treated like con artists and not customers. By signing the petition of Susan Critter, Johnny Buckley, Kent Crider, Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers; you're co-signing and giving your seal of approval for their inept methodology. In other words, you're saying that friendships, family relationships, church affiliation and back room buddies are more important that seeing progress in the City of Lumberton.

Month after month, people complain about the unprofessional behavior that's on constant display in the city clerk's office but she's giving the authority to treat citizens/customers rudely because this board has empowered her to do so. People complain about certain cemeteries not getting properly maintained but this board has given the employees the right to ride around and neglect certain areas of the city. Lately, there's a rumor swirling around that the Lumberton Police Department is getting a cut in the inflated tow fees assessed whenever cars are towed. If that rumor is true, the board has also empowered the police department to continue with these practices. Everything bad thing that's allowed to fester within the City of Lumberton receives the stamp of approval from those serving as your elected representative and if they wanted things changed, they would have done so a long time ago. Now, they're begging for four more years of stagnant leadership. Seriously?

Go to the four way stop sign on Main Street and look in either directions. Every city North, South, East and West of Lumberton is doing considerably better than the City of Lumberton and the reason why we can't grow is because of those sitting in those chairs at city hall, making uninformed decisions. It's my hope that innovative, open-minded people run and get elected during the next election. It's time for people that have the ability to not only think outside the box but we need people that actually have the ability to think and not allow personal issues cloud their professional judgment. There's people that are hoping you don't get involved and demand change. Paul Ockmond is slithering around the city looking to pay candidates to run for office because he's vested in the City of Lumberton's failure. He and his other business associates don't want the city to grow because they can hold on to the land and block progress. That's one of the reasons why I'm running for Alderman of Ward 3. It's time to shine the light of accountability and let people know that there's businesses that are trying to come into Lumberton but they're being steered away because the powers that be want them to buy from them and not from the City of Lumberton. I'm also running for office because I want to help the city clerk. I know there's people out there that think I want to run so I can have urge other's to terminate Merlene Wall, but I actually want her to succeed. When she's successful, the City of Lumberton will be successful. Just like Rebecca Hale, Susan Critter, and Jay McGraw, I want to assist the city clerk with her daily duties and responsibilities. Unlike the others, I'm actually well versed in the guidelines that are in place for a code charter municipality, aware of the Open Meetings Act and very knowledgeable about the maintenance of our minutes. If elected, I will take the time needed to work closely with Merlene to guide and mold her into being a better clerk. Merlene is not totally incompetent, she's just unknowledgeable and misinformed. I have attended more board meetings than anyone else currently serving on the board and I read updates pertaining to code charter municipalities because I like to be informed and I will use my vast knowledge to help Merlene better serve the citizens while helping to Move the City of Lumberton Forward.


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