Lying LaTonya: The Hoye of Pecan Ridge (MRHA 8)

I just mailed a letter to HUD about my suspicions about fraudulent activities taking place at Pecan Ridge Apartments, formerly Frank Lee Homes but eternally referred to as "Turn Key." As many of you know, I worked as a property manager for years and I know a little about tax credits for apartments. As a matter of fact, I went to several training sessions about LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit). One of the first things I learned as a property manager was to maintain a waiting list and to make sure you did not move tenants in the computer unless you had another tenant slated to move in. Tenants would move without notice but regional managers were adamant about leaving the tenant in the system because the property could lose money from that unit if it remained vacant too long. Generally, it would take a week to turn an apartment around for a new tenant; depending on the condition of the apartment. I recall an instance where one apartment was left in such terrible shape that it took almost a month to restore the apartment but the previous tenant was left in the system so the property would receive the money from the tax credits. Recently, I noticed that there were several vacancies at Pecan Ridge and there were people trying to move into those vacant units but there were told that nothing was available. Interesting. As a former property manager, I knew the manager is probably finagling the numbers in order to receive funding for units that have sat vacant for months.

The site manager for Pecan Ridge is LaTonya Hoye and she's a nasty, vile guttersnipe. I would say straight up out the hood but she was very evasive about where she lived. She pretends to be the nice, wholesome lady but she's a vile as they come. She's lower than a footprint and will lie, cheat and possibly steal to get her way. I remember when she came to my apartment, probably because she's either stalking my page or because her human cameras told her about my front load steam washer and dryer. I rarely see her face to face but she decided to come knock on my door this time; pretending to have some information she wanted me to post on the blog. While standing in my kitchen, she immediately looked to her right and stared at the washer and dryer. She made a guttural grunt and I just looked at her. She then smirked and said

"How did you afford these? I know what you make. I can't even afford this type of washer. I'm going to have to keep an eye on you."
She then gave me a fake smile and said she was kidding but based on conversations I had with other tenants, I knew she wasn't kidding; especially after she made a reference about my income. I know Tonya don't like me and it's probably because of things said by her co-workers or other tenants. I'm aware that some tenants knock on my door looking for help are not always appreciative. I'm currently working with a tenant that's about to be evicted. Just to show you how low she can be, one tenant told me that Tonya filed eviction papers against her and then went to the police department to file a report because she thought it would help convince the judge to grant eviction.

I've always helped people and I will not stop because the manger does not like me. I am very distrustful of the management team at 8 because I've witnessed the underhanded tactics they employ when they want to get rid of tenants. They will lie under oath, forge documents, refuse to accept rent, refuse your calls, lock you out the office and in one extreme case, mysteriously find a half-smoked joint under a box under the bed in a corner beneath several pillows in order to get a person that's in their cross hairs evicted. I recall a manager saying they're in the housing business but the managers at MRHA 8 has perfected the art of eviction and will stop at nothing to get rid of tenants that they deem to be problematic. Do I think I will be targeted because of this blog post? Yes. I know they read the blog because they slip up an mention things I post but I refuse to live in fear. In order for us to hold them accountable, we must document everything. One of the principles they live by at MRHA 8 is

"if it's not in writing then it did not happen."
They will lie in court, they will present the judge with a volume of evidence to support their case but they will not be able to refute notes and letters that are contrary to what they say. I am running for Alderman of Ward 3 and that will put an additional target on my back. I know their tactics and I'm writing this blog now in case they try to retaliate against me for contacting HUD and helping other residents. If you are a current or former tenant at one of the properties managed by MRHA 8 and you feel that you are being treated unfairly, charged outlandish fees for maintenance, have miscalculations of your rent or was denied a transfer or housing voucher, please contact HUD or contact me and I will help you complete you paperwork. Please keep in mind that there's several human cameras on site and they live in close proximity to the manager's office. If you want to know who's the property snitches, just look at the ban list and notice who they visit. They are allowed to violate the lease over and over again without any retribution because they're selling out their neighbors in exchange for leniency. I've been on this property for several years. I have never been to justice court and I pray that I never have to stand before a judge for a rental issues or lease violations because I know how well property managers lie under oath.


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