Sell-Outs: 30 Pieces of Silver

The second meeting of 2017 will take place tonight. It is rumored that the Lumberton Board of Aldermen will sell the National Guard Armory tonight. Instead of keeping the building and turning it into a community center, shelter, senior citizen center or to house the Lumberton Volunteer Fire Department, Kent Crider is pushing for the sale of the building before the 2017 election. The building was given to the City of Lumberton and instead of using it to enhance the City of Lumberton, they're rushing to sell the building. I just started my subscription to the Lsmar Times and I didn't get an opportunity to see if the notice to bidders was advertised. I know bids are sealed but with the crew we have at city hall, I don't trust the process. Unfortunately, I saw what happened when the City of Lumberton rushed to sell the Movie Star building; everyone made money from the deal except the City of Lumberton. It was my hope that the city would keep the building or partner with Lamar County to find a viable option that would benefit the community but it seem like the board is looking to "pad" their pockets one last time before the upcoming election. It's going to be interesting to see who actually wins the bidding process. If anyone connected to the current board members takes ownership of the building, you will know the bidding process was rigged. I'm certain the person that was allegedly promised the building will have someone bidding on his behalf and just like the Movie Star building, it will eventually end up in his possession. The post below gives an clear indication of the possible corruption that's possible during this process since the Mayor is allegedly beholden to an very interested party.

In other sales news, it seems like the Lumberton's pint sized pastor, building code enforcer and inspector, Paul Ockmond, is looking to purchase candidates for the upcoming 2017 election. Lumberton's very on Elmer Fudd is coon hunting and looking at the voting patter of this board he may have already bagged a couple a few seasons ago. Over the years, I tried to understand the voting pattern of some elected officials and it seems like some votes were paid for with several pieces of silver. So if you want to join Paul's Plantation, just step onto the auction block and he will give you bottom dollar in exchange for your obedience. Tonight's board meeting should be interesting. I can't wait to see how much they're willing to pay for the sale of their dignity.


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