Southern Recycling

Yesterday, News 7 reported that the Hattiesburg Planning and Zoning Committee rejected the plans for the expansion of Southern Recycling. The residents of Hattiesburg pleaded with the planning and zoning committee to vote against the expansion of the recycling center because it would turn into a junk yard. Representatives of Southern Recycling said that the expansion is needed for a bigger processing center and that none of the items would be stored long term. It was reported that all items would be processed and shipped to New Orleans for distribution to other recycling centers. Hattiesburg's loss could be Lumberton's gain. There is plenty of land here in Lumberton and the recycling center would bring in jobs. The aldermen traveled to Jackson to ask for assistance in getting a hospital here in Lumberton. Well, someone from Lumberton need to contact Southern Recycling to see what can be done to get them to re-locate to the City of Lumberton. Their phone number is (601) 545-3337 and their website is listed as


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