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It seems that someone is always getting offend and as a result, they lose their focus. When I wrote about the NAACP, I was giving my perspective just like I did with all the other blog posts I made. I don't see why that was a reason for people to get upset. I'm an adult and if I have a problem with a person, I let that person know I have a problem with them. I don't go to everyone that person know and hope they eventually find out that I have a problem with them. Just because I'm not interested in becoming a member of the NAACP does not mean that I'm not willing to be supportive of your efforts. We are in a battle here in Lumberton and we can't continue to get side-tracked by non-issues. I've tried to work with the NAACP and they're really a big disappointment and before I get involved with them again, I'm going to take the stance of a doubting Thomas. During the civil rights era, there weren't any NAACP chapters in the South; they were all located in the Northern states. According to the NAACP's charter, their mission is "To promote equality of rights and to eradicate caste or race prejudice among the citizens of the United States; to secure impartial suffrage; and to increase opportunities for securing justice in the courts, education for the children, employment according to their ability and complete equality before law." There was nothing in that clause that said that it was necessary to establish a chapter to achieve those goals. When I made the comments about the NAACP, I was questioning their reason for wanting a chapter established before offering any assistance when that wasn't their way of doing business in the past.
You may not like what I had to say, but you don't need to let my concerns distract you from the issues at hand. It is my hopes that you press forward and let the board of aldermen know that you mean business. I know there is all this talk about wanting to get rid of Hobson, but just as I said the other day, when Bobby Gibson appointed Hobson as chief he didn't break the law. At this month's board meeting, Bobby Gibson made a point to bring in Nicholson and Company to put an end to the issue of the $86,440 deficit in the water department. That is the issue that need to be addressed, and once we've tackled that issue, then we can move on to other issues. Do you really think Bobby Gibson is going to vote to terminate a police chief he appointed; especially after his brother and his nephew allegedly assaulted Todd Adams over the weekend at his mother's house and the only person that went to jail was Todd? Focusing on Dennis Hobson may be something that gets people riled up, but the focus needs to be diverted to the members that promoted him to that position. Does that mean we don't have recourse against officers that are abusing their authority? No, but we must fight them in Jackson not in Lumberton. We can't continue to focus on Stephanie Mullings because she's doing what the board allows her to do. There are some people that have proof of the cover ups and billing issues taking place at city hall and it's time that they bring it forward and make the board answer some tough questions. We can't fight with invisible weapons. We can't continue to have that it's my way or no way mentality. Bobby Gibson and Timothy Johnson have sanctioned the chaos that's taking place in our neighborhoods. They've been more detrimental to our communities than Governor George "Bull" Wallace of Alabama did in 1963 when he ordered the police to spray protestors with fire hoses and released the attack dogs on those that tried to escape. All of us may not be on the same page, but we must remain united in order demand accountability from our elected officials. The board thinks they have settled the issue of the missing money, but now is the time that we let them know that we have information contrary to what was said by Nicholson and Associates. We need to stay focused and we need an even larger group in attendance for the next meeting because once they're presented with the proof, they're going to have to give us some answers.


  1. I think you need to provide more info about the guys that jumped on Todd while he was at his mother's house, with his children and girlfriend in the car. Why didn't those guys go to jail, why weren't they charged with trespassing and let's not forget about Bobby Gibson getting that speeding ticket his daughter had fixed. I guess we've replaced on crime family with another The Gibson Hughes Klan.

  2. Jonathan you continue to belittle me. But you have never once came in my office to talk to me or tell me you have a problem with as you state you do in this particular blog. The times we have talked it has been me coming to you. And both of those times I told you my door was opened if you ever had any questions or problems with me or my deputies. Yes I have been out a lot over the span of the last two months. But I have had two surgeries and three procedures done. And I am sitting in the doctors office as I write this trying to find out why I am still so sick. But before my medical problems arose I worked 40-55 hours a week. I am not one that likes to miss work. No matter what anyone says you will always turn it around to your liking n always find fault. We used to be friends n I still to day do not hold a grudge against you because it is not my place to judge. And I am sure after I post this you will turn my words around but that's OK. As I have always said God knows my heart n I will not let what anyone says get to me. You are right about one thing, this City does need to unite and bring our. City back to what it once was 20 years ago. I will continue to do my job to the best of my ability and serve the town I love and grew up in. God bless you and our City. I am not putting my name because last time I did someone posted another comment using my name.

  3. I have called your office several times and the things in this post may have been a jab and uncalled for, but we both know the game that's being played here. I will call you again because I would like to know why I was singled out of half-million dollars in fines to be arrested 15 days after the fine was imposed when there are fines that have been on the books for years. I also want to know why was the warrant mysteriously issued just as the office was closing for the day. I look forward to hearing your answers to those questions and I wonder if I would get an honest response. You say you don't hold a grude, but I don't think that's the truth. I don't judge either and you're right, only God knows what's in your heart. It seems okay to you when others are attacked, but you don't want the anyone attacking you. I may have said some untoward things, and I apologize for any un-true and/or misleading statements or comments I have made. I know there are some that use this blog to attack others and I accept responsibilty for allowing those comments to be printed, but you're supporters are doing the same. I know two wrongs don't make it right and the point of mentioning you in today's blog was to put an end to all the speculation. The focus is not on you or any other department head, the focus is on the aldermen that is permitting all of this chaos to take place in Lumberton.

  4. Does this mean you're going to get harassed again by the Lumberton police department? I'm sorry you have been treated so badly Jonathan. She's complaining about surgery and I remember when you asked readers not to talk about her and to pray for her, but as soon as she get a little better, they plot to make sure you spend a night in jail. Talk about being a hypocrite! Please be careful Jon and please make sure you're going the speed limit. If it says 25 then you make sure you're going 25, other people may be given some slack but you know you don't have that privilege.

  5. I think you all are wrong to some degree and all of you are tearing this city apart. It's not about being on Stephanie's side or Jonathan's side, it's about being for what's best for our city. If he's lying then take him to court and sue his ass but don't use your position to wage war against someone. A lot of the things Jonathan has said has been on point and some of the things he said has been way out in left field. I realized that he must have been telling the truth when the was targeted by the police. The towing of his car, he lived there for over two years, and then put in jail for a fine and the city has $500,000 in uncollected fines. It was when Jonathan became the target of the police department that I realized that he was apparently telling the truth or really close to the truth because if he was telling lies, they wouldn't have went out of their way to get at him.

  6. Jonathan I am sorry. I have not got any messages that u have called my office. In not gonna post my personal cell on here but please feel free to come by the office anytime n if I am not there ask for my business card. It has my cell on it. I did see where You asked for prayers for me n I appreciate that. I do need them cuz I still do not know what is making me so sick. I look forward to hearing from you.


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