Teen Center @ Lumberton Library Now Open

On Friday, October 14, 2011, the ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the Teen Center at the Lumberton Public Library. Mrs. Nell Eubanks, along with several other women that were instrumental in getting a library for the City of Lumberton were on hand for the ceremony. Ben Winston, District 2 Superpervisor on the Lamar County Board of Supervisors, was also present at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Melinda Carli, Branch Manager for the Lumberton Public Library, thanked Mr. Winston and the Board of Supervisors for paying to have the electrical system at the Lumberton library upgraded and said that the teen center would not have been possible without the electrical upgrade. Mrs. Nell Eubanks shared with the crowd how she and a group of 40 women worked hard to get a libray established in the City of Lumberton. She also marveled at all the growth of the libray and how far it's come since the days of the two shelves located in a back room at the old city hall. There were several people in attendace for the event and the teen room is up and running. The teen room is equipped with a flat-screen television, gamer chairs and video games. The teen room is available for use by teens only and in order to use the teen room, you must have a library card. So, bring your teens to the library and let them take advantage of the teen room. Kudos to Melinda Carli for getting the grant for the teen room and kudos to Ben Winston and the Lamar Count Board of Supervisors for the electrical upgrades.


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