All Eyes on You: We See You

Normally, I would share the metrics I receive as administrator of this blog but since most of the elected and public officials think they're not seen because of the few attendants at the board meeting, I wanted you to know that the people are watching. Under the pictures below, you will notice the yellow line; that's the metrics for the number of people accessing tne post. People may not attend the meetings but they're watching you and actions speaks louder than words. I've been doing this for a long time, hoping for change. As a matter of fact, on Monday, June 1, 2015, I must attend court to defend my rights to hold public officials accountable. The hearing starts at 9:00 am at the William Gamble Building in Purvis, Ms in case you were interested. After analyzing my posts in preparation to prepare for this War on Free Speech, I am beginning to realize that you cannot change someone who doesn't see an issue in their actions. We have a mayor that's doing such a bad job as the superintendent of this city and it's his hope that people are so displeased with his actions as mayor that those same people will vote for him as supervisor, just to get rid of him as mayor. Now what now? Winston is foolish enough to think that people would essentially give him a promotion for doing such a bad job as mayor. If that's not warped thinking I don't know what is. Let's face it, the City of Lumberton has suffered during his first two years and will probably continue to suffer for two more years but at least in two more years, if he hasn't made any efforts to do the right thing, we know he would be voted out and would have lost all credibility he worked to establish. But to give him a promotion and deal with him another four years is akin to selling your birthright for a bowl of soup. It's not worth it. Let me be clear, I don't blog and/or use social media to impress people. I blog and use social media to impact people. If you don't believe me, take a look at many of the elected and public officials of Lumberton. Don't they look IMPACTED. (pun intended)


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