Five Miles to Empty

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. It seems that our police department cannot patrol this weekend because they don't have any gas. Allegedly, the FuelMan accounts have not been paid and cannot be usec. So, in addition to not having enough officers on duty, I guess this administration expects tne officers to pay for their own gas. The clerical staff of Lumberton spend so much time, allegedly, monitoring, printing, and collating pages of my blog but can't remember to pay the FuelMan bill. Now do you see why I called the city clerk inept? This has never happened with any other clerk. We've always had plenty of officers on duty and one thing they had was gas to patrol the city. Now let me be clear, there is a patrol car with gas but it doesn't have sirens. Guess what? It can't patrol at night. They had money for security cameras and somehow found money to have them installed without it being on the agenda but they don't have gas money. Well, at least city hall is secure and monitored because that's where the officers on duty will be this weekend unless the Mayor writes a check or take up a collection for gas. Since Mayor Winston seems to think his city clerk is doing an excellent job, you may want to give him a call and ask why the FuelMan bill wasn't paid. I'm sure there's an illogical excuse. Winston's telephone n6mber is 601-596-5034. Please try to stay safe this weekend.


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