Lumberton's Most Abundant Resource: Stupidity

When I was uploading the videos from the budget meeting that wasn't, I forgot to upload the one about the actual budget. If you watched the video, you probably have the same questions I have. How can you be in office for 2 years and don't know how to read/prepare/manage a budget? How can you NOT know how much is in the budget? How can you go to Jackson, MS to acquire a loan without knowing what's in your budget? No matter who you're seeking a loan from, they want to know that you can afgord to borrow money and more importantly, the lender want to know if you're capable of repaying the loan. It was reported that the loan has a 2% interest rate, but how can you answer any questions regarding credit worthiness without having any comprehension of what's available in your budget? It may be my warped way of thinking but if there's some way they can finagle $250,000 for sewer pipes and water meters, there should be an line of revenue for a full time court clerk, more police officers and at least 2 new police cars; preferably Chargers. Before going any further, let me explain why I chose the graphic for this blog post. If you look at the bottom of the screen shot, you will notice that when this blog was getting blogged, there were 1.5 thousand views of the video where the police officer was dismissed when pleading for more police officers so they could provide better protection for a city where the majority of our police force does not live. There may be a few people at the meeting but the fact that the metrics shows 1.5 thousand views means that we see you and that's one of the primary reasons why I started recoding the meetings. Now that you can't deny that you're on blast, tne question you must ask yourself, do you think the voters like what they see?

Last night, after the videos were posted, the comments and sharing of the videos began. One person felt that Mayor Winston tried to get the help for the police department but none of the alderpersons present would make a motion. As a person that regularly attends board meetings, I know the dynamics of this group. When Winston wants something, he bellows out his favorite pharase, we only need three votes. The fact that he never uttered his four favorite words was a clear indication that he didn't want Betty Speights (sounds like skates but with an sp in front) restored to her full time position and he didn't want to hire any additional officers. Ben is not a good mayor by any stretch of the imagination. He knows he has control of three votes but he refuses to use that control to help the citizens. It's fine that he wants the sewer grant, probably for personal reasons, but while trying to secure your pet project, use the power you wield over ylur three, primary supporters and get more police protection, accountability in city hall and stop throwing away , oney on security cameras and double training. Ben has an agenda but there's nothing wrong with having an abenda as long as you make good decisions along the way. I know he's not ready to face the music, but the Army Corp of Engineers grant is not going to happen under his watch but if he insists on putting all his eggs in one basket that's his choice but don't tear down a city while trying to build your legacy.

It amazes me that Ben seriously think he's a viable candidate for Lamar County Supervisor, District 2. You've been there, done that, shown us who you are, continue to show us who you are and guess what, we believe you. In his mind, he's probably thinking if he does a horrible job as mayor, people would want to get rid of him by voting for him in the supervisor's race. Talk about a warped view of reality. Ben was/is a minister and I'm sure at some point in his life, he stumbled across Luke 16:10.

"He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much and he that is unjust in tne least is unjust also in much."
I dont think it gets any clearer. For the last two years, Ben Winston has proclaimed that he don't know what's in tne budget. He's the signer of checks and almost every month, he boasts that he does not know what we, as a city, has in the bank. So, if a person cannot properly manage the $1.05 million dollar budget of Lumberton, what makes him think anyone that's sound in mind will vote to place him in a county position where he has to manage a budget that's $4,716,825 ? That's an insult to any marginally intelligent individual. What Ben doesn't realize is the videos are not just viewed in Lumberton. There are several individuals in Lumberton, Purvis, Oak Grove and Sumrall that have asked for copies of the videos so they can post them again, right before the election. I think Ben has good intentions but he and other members of the board lacks the vision needed to propel this city forward and that's a reflection of poor leadership. If most citizens are complaining about poor services, don't try to sweep their concerns under the rug, hoping they will vanish because everyone can't be lying about the same component. I don't know when he or his supporters will have their ah-ha moment but you can't continue to dismiss those that hold the key to your political career. Keep pushing people into a corner and they're eventually going to come out swinging.


  1. Why do elected officials find it so difficult to fire a clerk that doesn't know the most essential part of her job--understanding a budget? Merlene was clerk before this board was but she's rude, moody and incompetent. She's cost this city a lot of money and the ones that were elected to monitor our finances don't seem to care about the wasteing of taxpayer dollars. The board always have money when the request comes from the city clerk but when police are needed they act like they don't know what's in the budget. I appreciate the Lumberton Informer and his willingness to stick his neck out to ensure that citizens are aware of what's going on but it's time for the citizens to get off social media and go to the meetings to let the mayor and board know that they're not pleased. What the board going to do when there are no police there to remove citizens from the meetings?

  2. You hit the hail on the head. Ben has those three pets on a chain and when he gives the command they bark. Why don't they use their blind loyalty for good?


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