Lumberton Police Department: The Citizens Appreciate You

Last night's board meeting was another example of what's wrong with the City of Lumberton. Just a few days after two Hattiesburg police officers were murdered, the pleas of the Lumberton Police Chief and a police officer were met with disdain. One alderman, Tommy Dukes, was so disrespectful that while the officer was speaking, he got up to leave. Chief Cowart provided documentation showing that the police department can sustain itself if given the tools to do so; a full time court clerk. But this board would rather let fines go uncollected or pay a collection agency to do the work instead of funding/providing police protection for Lumberton. It is a privilege to live in a city where law enforcement is seen as an honorable position. It's ridiculous to think that officers are there to just serve and protect you because you're an elected official. They have an entire community to serve and they're stretched thin because Lumberton's elected officials refuse to allow them to show that they can sustain themselves. The blanket of safety provided by the police departmentshould be appreciated and never taken for granted.

I never want what happened in Hattiesburg to happen to anyone and it's not fair to send our few officers into a world of uncertain danger, knowing they're not supported. I've contacted WDAM and WHLT but no one has responded. The plight for adequate police protection needs to be addressed and every surrounding community needs to know that admid all that's taking place, the elected officials of Lumberton do not value the lives of our police. We need to flood WDAM with calls today because we need this matter addressed so all the Pinebelt can see. Their telephone number is 1-800-844-9326. I think I've said emough. Below are some screen shots of what other citizens are saying.


  1. I didn't know Cora Rogers was that ignorant until I watched the video. Who in their right mind would entrust her to care for their child? Ain't no way. I know Bobby Gibson was low on the IQ chart but Cora makes him look like Einstein.

  2. If Cora's wig was on straight then she was fine but her mouth is always turned up so I guess it's hard to tell.


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