Who's Your Hero?

This year, as a part of the Summer Library Program, the Lumberton Library has included an event called "Community Heroes." This part of the event is open to people of all ages. This is not an event for political posturing but an opportunity for true, unsung heroes in the community to get recognition just for being themselves. All you have to do is call or come into the library and nominate your hero. You will write down your reasons why you consider this person a hero. The library staff will then contact the person you nominated and place their picture on the Hero map at the library along with the reason they're considered a hero. Your hero can be anyone, a parent, a neighbor, a teacher, coach, classmate, cashier at a store, your favorite mechanic, beautician, libriarian, or even your favorite blogger (I couldn't resist a shamless plug). You can nominate a police officer, firefighter, nurse, community organizer. The only limitation is your imagination. The staff and Friends of the Lumberton Library want you to know that all heroes don't wear capes. So, take a few minutes to stop by the library and nominate your hero. I have several that I want to nominate and I'm sure you do too. While at the library, take a moment to register your child for the Summer Library Program. I noticed that you can also register them on line by going to www.facebook.com/LumbertonPublicLibrary and fill out the form.


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