Oh, The Places You'll Go!

In Lumberton academic news, outstanding seniors Dymon Buckley, Ne'taiya Buckner attended the 2015 session of the American Legion Girls State event on the campus of Mississippi State University. Along with 300 girls from across the state, Dymon and Ne'taiya learned about the political process of state government from city hall to the governor's office. Participants are selected based on their academic achievements as well as their leadership abilities. The American Legion Post 24 of Lumberton sponsored their attendance.

In a seperate event, gifted seniors, Matthan Jenkins and JaShawn McLemore, attended the 2015 session of the American Legion Boys State event at Mississippi State University. There was a slightly smaller crowd of 250 young men from across the state. They too were selected because of their academic achievements and leadership ability. They also learned about the dynamics of local and state goverment. Matthan and JaShawn were also sponsored by the American Legion Post 24 of Lumberton. Kudos to Dymon Buckley, Ne'taiya Buckner, Matthan Jenkins and JaShawn McLemore for representing the greatness that's present at Lumberton High School.


  1. Great representation for tbe school. Thanks for sharing!


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