Emma by Wendy Walters

"As the morning sun broke through the tree tops, Emma was rocking in her old faded rocking chair looking out the dust covered window of what was once her beautiful bedroom."
That's the first line in the book Emma. Yesterday, I went to amazon.com and dowloaded a copy of this book. I must say, it's a page turner and it had me at page one. Was it the imagery conjured by the well placed adjectives? Was it the title character that intrigued me? Or was it the fact that it was wriiten by an authoress from Lumberton. Actually, I think it's a combination of all these elements. I'm hoping to get an interview with Wendy Walters but I want to finish the book so I can ask some detailed questions. I'm going to contact Mrs. Bogle, an avid reader and columinist for the Hattiesburg American and let her know about this jewel. Hopefully, she'll print a review as well. There's a lot of good going on in Lumberton but it's often overshadowed by petty politics. If you're looking for an escape, take some time and download a copy of Emma. Wendy Walters gives us another reason to be Lumberton Proud. Get your copy today!


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