Identity Thieves: When Uncle Tom Is Really A Sambo

At this moment, our state is divided over a flag with a Confederate emblem. Some say its heritage and some say it's hate. I have my views on the matter but before I can expexct to embraced by others races, I would like to address a case of blacks on black crime here in Lumberton. Before I knew better, I would call them Uncle Toms but that description is not appropriate. A true description of their behavior would lead me to label them as a Sambo. Somehow meanings were revised over time. Those of us who actually read Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin know it wasn't Uncle Tom that betrayed his race it was Sambo. For the purposes of transparency, I didn't read the book until I was enrolled at an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) and prior to that semester, I accepted the oral definition of an Uncle Tom as being black on the outside but white on the inside; the oreo; a sellout. We're living in an era of revisionist history and that's the reason why people don't know the true meaning of Uncle Tom because it has been used inaccurately for so long. I think it is time to set the record straight about who Uncle Tom really was. My perception of what the book was had been colored (pun intended) by the use of the term “Uncle Tom” as a pejorative throughout the years. I knew the story was about slavery, and I had a vague sense that “Uncle Tom” would be a groveling, favor seeking snitch, and i had an idea that the story would deliver the obligatory all whites owned and viciously beat black slaves history lesson. However, because of an assignment, and a strict English professor that assigned me the book because she thought I wasn't living up to my potential by selecting The Color Purple for my book report, I learned the true meaning of the term “Uncle Tom” from the original source.

The use of “Uncle Tom” is widely accepted pejorative but the character in the book was a man of deep faith, honesty, intelligence, and integrity. After reading the book my eyes were opened and I began to question what others accepted as the norm. So if you're offended by the ruminations of my suspicious mind, blame Dr. Lewis, English professor at Grambling State University. Apologies, back to the subject. Uncle Tom has taken the rap for Quimbo and Sambo; the two slaves turned foremen who lived and worked on the plantation where Uncle Tom died. Uncle Tom received the final fatal blows from Sambo, a black overseer who had won his position by snitching on other slaves, and willingly tormenting slaves at the behest of his master. Sambo was rewarded with power to command other slaves and his cruelty was without limits. Sambo and Quimbo were designated as leaders by the slave owner who perceived a willingness on their part to take charge of their fellow slaves on behalf of their master (which is precisely why the character Sambo reminds me of Ben Winston, Bobby Gibson, Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers). The despicable Simon Legree, Uncle Tom’s third and final master, had Tom whipped to death by Sambo for refusing to deny his faith or betray the hiding place of two fugitive women. Far from being a snitch, Tom lost his life protecting runaway slaves. Based on this information, the people I mentioned do not possess the characteristics demonstrated by Uncle Tom but they fit the description of a Sambo.

Please do not misinterpret this analogy. Some will infer that my references would mean that I, along with the citizens of Lumberton, are slaves since I'm referring to Winston, Gibson, Dukes and C. Rogers as the overseers, working for massah. No, that's not the case. The only thing I'm a slave to is the truth. I used the analogy because when I was hauled into court to defend myself against a web of lies while Mayor Ben Winston, former Alderman Bobby Gibson, Alderman Tommy Dukes and Alderwoman at Large Cora Rogers were there, ready to do massahs bidding and whip me with the words of their testimony, hoping I would die or at least suffocate my blog. When I was granted an extension to obtain counsel, I didn't see Cora Rogers but as I was leaving the courthouse, I saw her car parked at William Ducker's office. Apparently, she was supposed to be in court to testify against me but since she's the wife of a pastor, she's usually on CP time. I guess that's a thing for the wives of pastors in this area. Apparently they like making an entrance. Before the judge dismissed us, it was noted that all the aldermen were instructed to be present for court. So why was Bobby Gibson there? He was voted out two years ago and Kent Crider was absent. Also noticeably absent was Alderman Quincy Rogers. I don't think he was ordered to be present for court because I'm sure they didn't want a truthful politician as a witness.

I don't know what they were thinking but there's always three sides to every story: her side, his side and the truth. Let's have a little review of what I know because the ones that were so willing to testify against me didn't realize that they would also be questioned by my attorney as well. I'll start with the former elected official, Bobby Gibson. He's supposed to testify against me but a month or so before the election, he allegedly threatened the deputy clerk; the same clerk that was later threatened by Alderman Jay McGraw. Shortly afterwards, there was a screen removed from one of windows at city hall. It was believed that there was a potential for harm but for some reason, security cameras were not installed. I know a few witnesses that were present when the alleged threat was discussed with the board. How about Ben Winston. Soon after he was elected, he told me how he loved the blog and how I should write a book. He also said he would like to invest in my future book in exchange for a 90 day grace period and asked that I don't mention him in the blog. I told him it sounded like he was trying to bribe me and he said consider it a love offering. For three months, he would pretend to shake my hand and slip me a personal check. Now this one is a real doosie; Mr. Tommy Dukes. When I was out campaigning, Dukes stopped me after I had left a brochure at someone's house. I was getting into my car and Dukes said "Good luck with your campaign." I said "Thanks!" Dukes went on to say, with a sly grin on his face, "when you win we can be roommates at the conferences and save the city some money." More was said but I'll save it for the trial. How you doing? The biggest surprise witness was Cora Rogers. How is she suppose to testify against me when she said there's a clause that precludes her from getting on social media sites. However, I have screenshots from her daughter and other individuals saying Cora was reading the blog and wanted me to put certain things on the blog. I'm such a bad person for trying to provide insight about decisions made at city hall but C. Rogers wanted me to put together a website for the City of Lumberton after Winston rescinded the offer and after Rachel Jefferson gave the price and presentation for a city operated website. I can't wait for her to take the stand because all the information (texts/screenshots) I have will become a part of public records and I want her to explain the texts I have in my phone, from her. Did they think testifying was one-sided process?

In Uncle Tom's Cabinthe Sambo character was like today’s black church leaders and many of our black elected officials here in Lumberton. Our city will not rise until when we learn to differentiate between those who help and those who hurt our community. Somehow, our perception has been warped, the villains are the ones trying to help empower our citizens and our communities through blogging while the hero is the Sambo who makes an alliances at the expense of progress. It's time to open our eyes and see what's really going on.


  1. Those are some dumb Negros. They're jumping through hoops of fire to defend a miserable cunt like Merlene. That bitch is not happy at home because her husband is verbally and probably physically abusive, she's scared that Brian is going back to his old drug habits, and she wants everyone to be as miserable as she is. Go home you useless cunt. Running to Mississippi didn't keep your son out of jail. As soon as Samp get out of jail he'll be back at your house getting high with your son.

  2. How often you post new blog?

  3. You should have called this post "A Gaggle of Fools". Ben is trying to bribe you. Tommy is trying to do you. Cora is just messy but has jeopardized her grant money because she want to be in control. Bobby has all sorts of skeletons but he still want to be relevant. How bout he stop working while on disability. How about he deal with the fact that his grandchild. You know what I'm not even going to go there but he know what he's been doing. I'll email you in case you need that info for court. Coons.

  4. When Stephanie was city clerk there were some ugly things said about her but the people combatted those comments and came to her defense. If Merlene the Miserable Maggot is being talked about in the stores and at church, if she goes, it's not because of things said in the blog it's because she's a trashy individual with a habit of telling lies. If she was an honorable person people would defend her instead of agreeing with what's said. She's rotten and that's the core of her problem. I wonder why all these old men on the board are coming to her defense. Is she giving them peppermint and a VelveeteenRub ?

  5. Call the Social Security Administration on Bobby Gibson. He's on disability but he's working on heating and air units.

  6. Don't the mayor have a brother they call Sambo? Looks like they gave that nickname to the wrong brother.

  7. The number to the Social Security Fraud Hotline is 1-800-269-0271.


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