On A Sweeter Note...

If all goes as planned, we should have some of Pops Chad Owen watermelons this weekend. For weeks, I've been resisting the urge to buy bootleg watermelons because I knew Chad would be bringing the biggest, sweetest melons to the marketplace when they were ready. There's no doubt that any produce he presents will be the best. So, I, along with others, have been patiently waiting for the real deal. Yesterday, someone treated me to one of Chad's cantaloupes and I'm not a fan of cantaloupes. Maybe I should say I wasn't a fan before yesterday. Let me tell you, that cantaloupe was so good and sweet I didn't wait for it to get cold and I know the watermelons won't be a disappointment. Hopefully, this weekend we will see Chad and his beloved companion, Caleb, in the marketplace with the best watermelons in the region. Chad is a jack of many trades and farming is just one of his many ventures. This weekend he will be celebrating another birthday. Help him celebrate by helping him sell out quick so he can spend some time with his family. Hope to see you this weekend but get there early because I know they're going to sell fast. Now let me start putting my list together for the watermelons I'm planning on buying. Let's see: sliced watermelon, pickled watermelon rind, watermelon mojito, watermelon sangria....


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