A Gathering of Footstools

Today I attended court to deal with the lawsuit filed against me. When I arrived, I wasn't permitted to enter the courtroom because youth court was in session. As I sat in the foyer, I recognized familiar faces entering the building two by two. First there was Mayor Winston and his side kick Alderman Jay McGraw. A few moments later, Alderman Tommy Dukes and former Alderman at Large Bobby Gibson exited the elevator. We all spoke before entering the courtroom where the four individuals were identified as witnesses for the plaintiff. As you can see, I didn't call them men because I don't see them as such and those familiar with the bible will understand why I consider them footstools. While in the corridor, awaiting the trial to begin, Winston was talking to his sister who just left Courtroom B with her son. As Winston talked with his sister, she asked why was he there. He responded by saying that he's here to testify against me because I was getting sued about my blog. Winston went on to say that "someone should have filed a case against him years ago." Really, Ben? Why didn't you file the case? You're in office. You apparently feel some type of way. Why are you and your cohorts hiding behind a woman's skirt in an attempt to stop me from blogging? Are you not man enough to fight your own battles?

I'm thankful that I blogged about the court date last night because the judge said I cannot blog about the city clerk and her duties until after the case is heard. No problem. I know those that were on hand to testify against me are upset that I wasn't banned from city hall. I was surprised that Kent Crider wasn't on hand to testify against me. So I guess he has his own brain. I underestimated him and his ability to think on his own. It was also interesting that Alderman Tommy Dukes had time to testify against me knowing that his grandson was just arrested for being a convicted felon in possession of a weapon and allegedly taking part in a shoot out at Greentree Apartments in Lumberton. Now I see why he's so opposed to police protection; he's trying to shield his family. Well, enough about me and this lawsuit. I just wanted you to know what happened and why a certain person won't be mentioned for a few weeks. Hopefully, tomorrow's board meeting will be standing room only, with the residents of Greentree Apartments taking up the first three rows. At some point, you have to take a stand. There was no loss of life but several cars were destroyed and thankfully, there were no children outside when the gun slinging took place. Police protection is needed and if last night didn't open this administration's eyes I don't know what will.


  1. Can you post a blog about how to add my name to my comments because I want that cunt Merlene Peres Wall to know who I am since you can no longer post about her. What's your blog email address?

  2. Sabrina YoungbloodJune 1, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    I can only speak for myself but I am happy to know that you weren't banned, because this is the only way that most of us who are from Lumberton get to know what is going on in our home town. Keep blogging.

  3. Wayment. Bobby Gibson has time to attend court but not enough time to address that cum bucket living with his son. You ever find out who's the pappy because I know there's at least four candidates? The things people do to be grandparents.


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