Ben Winston: Finish What You Started

There's a saying that the greatest trick the devil ever performed was convincing the world that he didn't exist. Well, Ben Winston is trying to pull off the greatest trick of his career by doing such a poor job as mayor in an effort to get citizens so upset that they would vote for him as District Supervisor in order to get a new mayor. Sadly, I heard people say that's why they're voting for Winston; so the City of Lumberton can elect a new mayor. In my opinion, that's a ridiculous reason but it's obvious that I don't know the mindset of voters. If you're voting for Winston because of campaign promises or because you think he's the better candidate, I can respect your decision but to vote for someone just to get a chance to vote for another mayor boggles the mind. When Winston ran for mayor he knew the term was for four years. The fact that he's trying to jump ship shows a lack of dedication and faithfulness.

For the past few months, Winston has been saying Lumberton is going to turn around in the next two years. Amazingly, he has two years left in his term. So here's an observation. Ben is the Captain (Mayor) of the U.S.S. Lumberton. So far, we've been in some turbulent waters. Since the Captain sits at the helm of the ship, he has a better view of what's ahead. Well, ask yourself this. If the Captain says there's smooth sailing ahead, why is he trying to jump ship? It's either because he's giving a false report or he know he's on the Titanic. Ben has somehow garnered control of this board and if he wanted better for Lumberton, he has the ability to get it done. There were people saying they watched the video and Ben tried to get the board to hire more police but the board members wouldn't give a motion. Well, as someone that regularly attend meetings, I know Ben Winston and his tactics. Look at some of the other videos. Whenever Ben want something passed, he barks his hypnotic phrase, "We only need three votes" and his three minions (McGraw, Crider and Dukes) stumble over one another trying to give a motion and a sevond. Even if one of them fail to jump through the hoops, he has Cora Rogers as a backup because he's convinced her that she will be the next mayor. So, if Ben wanted more police officers, he has control of the votes and could get it done. And that's another thing, people say they want Winston out so we can get another mayor. Who's to say the next mayor will have the ability to garner blind support from the current board. That's why it's essential that Winston remains in office for the duration of his term. He made promises that there were shovel ready jobs waiting for him to get elected as mayor but no new jobs have been created. He had the board spot zone land owned by his business associate saying it was for a company that wanted to start production and hire at least seven people. Well, months later, still no company or jobs in that location but the price of tne land was able to be increased because of the new zoning designation.

The one person that's helping Lumberton stay afloat is Warren Byrd and Winston wants his position despite the fact that he did mothing when he was in that position years ago. The City of Lumberton couldn't afford the insurance or repairs at tne Lumberton Public Library so who did they call to bail them out and take over tne library? Warren Byrd. Lumberton needed help maintaining Wood-Hinton Park. Who did they call on again? Warren Byrd. Because of politics, a hoard of qualified individuals were banned (unofficially) from serving on the Lumberton Volunteer Fire Department. As a result, calls for emergency situations went unanswered. In order to protect the homes, health and the fire rating for residents of Lumberton, Warren Byrd had Lamar County take control of the LVFD. Ben Winston has control of the majority votes on the board. Why not use that control to do something for Lumberton? Yet, he wants to serve in a County position where he has no control or no voice. Look at the video where he was begging the Lamar County Board of Supervisors to take over the Lumberton Police Department. With 10 years of political experience, Winston showed he didn't even know the rules of the Mississippi Open Meetings Act. Winston has done a piss poor job as mayor. Why would anyone reward him for not doing his job? Voting for Winston as County Supervisor is, in essence, rewarding bad behavior. We dealt with him for 2 years and he needs to remain here for the remainder of his term to face the debacle he created.

If Winston had attempted to do the right things, demand accountability, support the police department, defended the citizens instead of allowing them to be attacked, called for an audit and made good business decisions, there's no doubt in my mind that I would have been one of his biggest supporters. He that's not faithful in tne least will not be faithful with much. In case that wasn't enough to convince you, consider this. Lumberton cannot afford to host another election before the end of the regular term. For the past two years, Winston has said that the City of Lumberton is broke. If that's the case, how can we pay the thousands of dollars, that's not budgeted, for a special election? Ben is trying to convince people that if they're not pleased with his performance as mayor, vote him out by electing him as Supervisor. The more I repeat that warped form of logic, the more ridiculous it sounds. Well, to me and any other person that hasn't been diagnosed with a learning disability. Winston's quest to get back in a County position, if successful, will add to Lumberton's financial burden. Another reason why he should finish his term as mayor. If Ben is so adamant about being Supervisor, he should put his money where his mouth is. Since he loves Lumberton so much (sarcasm intended), then he should give the City of Lumberton a $7,000 certified check to cover the costs of a special election. His friend/business partner, Aaron Lott, made that offer when he resigned as mayor. Albeit, he never paid the full price of the special election but he made the gesture. Ben wants to win but will you continue to cause Lumberton to loose because of a self-serving agenda? When you ran for Mayor, you knew it was a four year term. If you never had plans of serving your full term, you should have never sought the position. Help Ben finish out his term as Mayor, re-elect Warren Byrd as Lamar County District 2 Supervisor.


  1. After looking at the videos, anyone that vote for Ben Winston is an idiot or a realitive which makes them an idiot by blood. It's interesting that the people Ben paid to campaign for him are now campaigning for Tim Heldt. I guess he feel he has a better chance of winning against Heldt than Byrd.

  2. People blaming others for their actions, The whole Jesus and Crown story. For the Queen (Meanwhile the Queen doesn't have a clue) and someone goes to warn the queen and the crew call it treason and they never meet.

    Still happens today. This is OUR country but they manage to destroy others and not let people do anything real or productive because it would make them look bad.

    We defeated the Oil Giants and now its ours (And become the oil giants themselves then surprised when an army is set out to destroy them and the cycle begins again.)

    Pumping petrol, pumping petrol, pumping petrol but stop anyone doing anything else like its the only thing in the world.

    "We are living good lives" say the people in a small fraction of the world hidden in a corner turning everyone else against each other.

    We won, so they sit around doing nothing, No one ever wins. Stopping to say you won means the end of the line and here I am telling people how it could or should be but cant do it myself and they feel threatened instead of helping and bring it all down thinking they were the only people in the world.

    We are defending the country! is heard only from the service stations while the rest of the nation decays. He is a terrorist they all say but wont mention renewable energy and the plans they smothered.

    They want me to turn on someone so they try to piss me/us off and then point the finger on the Television from some foreign country that you are unaware of.

    South Africa Julianne. They make a fucking TV show about a TV show instead of actually killing the monster off and saying that's enough and then they get shut down and its someones fault.

    It will be fun (destroying people and the world) We will make heaps of money (blackmailing high profile intelligent mature responsible people doing important work.)

    Now the structures are ruined and there is some bullshit show having a laugh at it all. Families ruined, they dont care. I didn't have a family because if I did I would have killed someone by now.


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