A Lie Don't Care Who Tell It

As you know, I was in court yesterday defending my first amendment rights. My attorney presented a good case but if you follow the videos I post, we were told that a verdict would be issued in 15 days; election day. So, that gives me 2 weeks to focus on other things and it also give me 2 weeks to post videos of Ben Winston and his shenanigans at the board meetings and when he went begging for the Lamar County Board of Supervisors to bail out the City of Lumberton. When I was in court, I learned that the case was based on the idea that I called a person an incompetent liar and thief. I don't recall calling anyone a thief. What I do remember is stating that there was some mismanagement of city funds; there's a difference. However, I stand behind the claim that city hall is filled with liars. When I was listening to testimony that claimed that I was a stalker and following people to the grocery store I was puzzled. I rarely shop at Ramey's in Lumberton (I usually shop at the one in Purvis). I know the dates I shop at the store in Lumberton and since Lumberton has one grocery store, it's very likely that people from Lumberton will be at the store at the same time; especially for the one day sale. What was the other violation they claimed I committed. Oh yeah, incompetence. I believe I was on the money with that one as well. I've been attending board meetings in Lumberton for over 14 years and there was never an instance where the City of Lumberton defaulted on loan payments that resulted in a lien being placed on their sales taxes. Seems pretty incompetent to me. You need another example. How about the fact that someone had to be brought in to prepare a budget; something that was never done before or what about the fact that this board cannot provide the same services with the same budget that was used by the previous administration? Again, it seems pretty incompetent to me.

While in court, I learned that Mayor Ben Winston instructed city personnel to monitor my blog and print copies of every one of my blog posts. That sounds like a waste of resources. Has the expense of printing daily postings and comments posted on the Lumberton Informer been added to the budget? In case you were wondering, Winston is more concerned about what I post instead of obtaining jobs, businesses and grants for the City of Lumberton. No wonder things are not getting done because people are assigned to follow what I post instead of doing their jobs. Somehow, I think they would do so even if they were not directed to do so. What's that phrase about misery loving company. In court, they were trying to make my blog about one person but my blog focuses on various aspects of Lumberton including but not limited to the what happens at city hall. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you want positive things posted then do something positive. Since the premise of the case against me was based on calling an individual an incompetent liar then I would like to go on record and state that Mayor Ben Winston and Alderman Tommy Dukes are liars and they're incompetent. Maybe next time, they will file a case against me and not hide behind a dirty slip. Speaking of dirty slips, I contacted the Army Corp of Engineers to get details about who has possession of the $2.5 million dollar sewer grant since the City of Lumberton didn't have the $625,000 in matching funds that's required to secure the grant. Unlike Winston, when I speak to someone, I have proof. Below is the letter responding to my request and I should have their answer within the next 7-10 days. According to Ben Winston, they were going to start work in September but he move to date to some undisclosed date in 2016. At some point, people should realize that this is a dangling of the carrot trying to get people to vote for him because he know we cannot get the grant.

I've been collecting some of the comments used in court and I will post them when the blog is cleared in the next two weeks. It's time to take off the gloves and take this blog to another level. If you were offended by my other posts, it would behoove you to stay off the Lumberton Informer after November 3, 2015. By then, Ben Winston will have lost his bid to become District 2 Supervisor and I will be free to blog without restrictions. At this moment, I'm researching Initiative 42 so I can give some details about this voting measure. Within the next week, I'm planning on hanging out at the Shell Station around midnight to find out what's going on and I'm going through videos so I can post them for the next 14 days. Oh. While in court, there was testimony given that claimed I was disruptive during the meetings. Those of you that saw the videos know that's not true. I guess my presence is what's disruptive. I was also called intimidating but if you're intimidated by my writings then that's your cross to bear. But rest assured, the blog is going to another level and no stone will be left unturned. Another matter I must address due to questions that were asked while I was on the stand. I'm writing letters to Attorney General Jim Hood and State Auditor Stacey Pickering since I used their names as tags for search engine optimization. Hopefully, my letters will bring more attention to the things going on here in the City of Lumberton. Stay tuned because you ain't seen nothing yet.


  1. I know your blog is not a parody, but your rights have been violated. Not that suing the city would help the financial situation, but something needs to wake people up. http://www.webpronews.com/city-mayor-sued-over-arrest-of-parody-tweeter-2014-06/.


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