LES & LHS: Two Reasons to be LUMBERTON PROUD

I know there’s a lot of negative news about the City of Lumberton but there’s a lot of GREAT things happening at the Lumberton School System. I just received news that Daylon Burks was selected by WDAM as Player of the Week. Yesterday there were a lot of proud parents posting their children’s report cards. I know I can’t name all the students but there’s some outstanding students attending school in Lumberton that are making great strides athletically, academically and through community service. A prime example of the Spirit of Excellence at Lumberton High School is Dymon Buckley; she’s the epitome of brains and beauty. When I saw her report card and she had a 100 in every subject I was beaming with joy (like I had something to do with it.) Kudos to her parents because they’re raising a stellar student that is destined for greatness. I know there are other students that are excelling and I hope they continue to keep up the good work ethic and soar to heights that others couldn’t imagine.

There’s some great things going on in Lumberton and it involves some intelligent, gifted and talented youth. The administrators, teachers, parents, support personnel and students all deserve a round of applause for instilling virtues into these future leaders. Just this past week the Class of 2016 signed a graduation gown as a commitment to graduating. There was a YOLO (You Only Live Once) blood drive held at the school, the students at Lumberton Elementary raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness and the LHS Beta club hosted a clean up day right before Fall break. We may not be represented at city hall but LES and LHS continues to make us LUMBERTON PROUD!


  1. Lumberton High School is still Divided Whites on one side Blacks on the other. This shows that out of all the good things going on we are still Separate.

  2. Why do you only say good things about the black students? There's white students that are making great strides academically.

  3. I don't think the school is divided but I didn't put too much into the positioning of the photo. As far as the comment that I only feature black students that's not true. I spoke about Burks because he was recognized as Player of the Week again. I mentioned Dymon Buckley because I was impressed with her grades, her accomplishments and the fact that she still find time to tutor others. I also mentioned Buckley because I follow her mother on Facebook and I didn't think she would be upset if I mentioned her dsughter's name. You'd be surprised how many parents get upset when I mention their children in my blog because of their accomishments so I tread carefully in that area. It's not about race it's about recognizing something good in Lumberton and the fact that you attempted to tarnish that moment is proof that we still have a long way to go.

  4. The Positioning of the Photos say a lot. A good Photographer would have mix things up, but I am sure she or he felt uncomfortable it shows in the photo.


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