Something's Not Adding Up

Surprisingly, I received my water bill before the month of November. Kudos for finally doing something right. I was looking over the bill and it’s a little higher than usual. Unfortunately, there’s no way to find out where the error took place. For some reason, the electronic wand is not getting used because no one is on payroll that knows how to use the expensive paper weight. I added up the fees we’re paying for the once a week garbage collection and something is not adding up.

We pay $13.20 per household for garbage pick up one day a week. I can’t remember the exact number of water bill accounts in Lumberton but I think it’s around 700-750 accounts. However, based on 700 water bill customers (that does not include business accounts), the City of Lumberton is collecting $110,880/year in garbage fees alone. Based on the monthly fees paid to WastePro, the City of Lumberton is paying them $96,000/year for service the residents of Lumberton once a week. However, a lot of customers didn’t get their garbage picked up this week. Based on these calculations, the City of Lumberton has a surplus of $14,880/year. The reason why I’m calculating the savings is because Mayor Winston has claimed for the past two years that our city is broke but based on the figures I posted, there’s almost $15,000/year going into the WSOM account that should be considered as a savings.

Now I’m wondering, how did the City of Lumberton default on a major loan that’s now costing us over $250,000 because of interest and late fees? I’m also wonder how the City of Lumberton can have $14,880 extra, after WastePro is paid, but don’t feel that they can afford to give the men in the Public Works Department a much needed raise? What’s happening to this extra money


  1. City hall is full of fuck ups. I wonder has Merlene thought about what's going to happen to her when she looses her case against you? She's cost this city some major embarrassment and hopefully she's cost Ben Winston an election. It's time for her to go and take that swamp rat Nelissa with her. This city needs a certified clerk and Stephanie needs to be rehired so this mess can be worked out and you need to be hired as the deputy clerk or to replace Kenon so we can have some water billing integrity. It's time out for hiring who you like. It's time to hire people that can get the job done. That's the only way they can shut down your blog and that's by making you an employee of the City of Lumberton. How long is it going to take for them idiots to realize that ?

  2. I'm eager to hear the verdict too. Either way it goes Merlene is a loser. If she looses her case she will be the laughing stock because she's a public figure trying to stop someone's first amendment rights. If she wins then that mean preseident means nothing in small town USA and white privilege reigns. But I don't see a judge risking public ridicule by trying to rewrite laws concerning freedom if speech because it will get national attention and that's something Mississippi don't need right now.


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