Officer Un-Friendly

For the past few weeks, there’s been a power struggle between one police officer and a group that hang out at the Shell Station in Lumberton. I heard about the run in with the law but shrugged it off because I thought it was a group of teenagers. Well, to my surprise, it’s a group of adults and just this past weekend, the group was informed by this officer that they were banned from congregating in the vacant lot next to the Shell station. So let me get this straight, an elected official can steal from the store, avoid arrest/prosecution, pay $25 and agree to never enter the store again but citizens are banned without due process or even a complaint from store management. Welcome to Lumberton! (sarcasm fully intended)

After hearing of the matter, I went to get a copy of the curfew ordinance because I didn’t know about a curfew for adults. Also, there’s always gatherings of loud, disruptive individuals in my neighborhood but they’re never disbanded by police officers. Interesting! As a matter of fact, there’s a group that actually congregate in front of a signs that clearly states No Loitering/No Trespassing but nothing is ever done. So I’m confused why this officer is so diligent about disbanding one group and not the other?Based on the curfew ordinance I was given, the curfew was adopted for 6 months and was designated for Turnkey after requested by the Executive Director of the Mississippi Regional Housing Authority. You will see MRHA mentioned a lot this week because it seems that the City of Lumberton made a lot of decisions at the instance of this group rather than what's best for the citizens they suppose to represent.

I don’t know what’s going on but I can understand the group leaving after getting threatened with arrest. As we know, there has been a lot of people in Lumberton taken to jail because of a butthole wearing a badge. I don’t think the guys could be arrested for a curfew violation but the officer has the authority to arrest an individual for not following a lawful order. I’m sure the arrest could be challenged in court but here’s another drawback. If the officer arrest the young men, he then has the authority to have their cars towed. In addition to paying a cash bond, they will be responsible for paying a $250 tow fee. That’s what I had to pay when my car was towed at the direction of this same officer. That was a couple of years ago, and the tow fee may have increased since then. My advice for the guys would be to file a complaint against the officer and let the Chief of Police resolve this matter. Again, if the manager of the store did not file a complaint, I don’t understand why this officer is harassing this group. It can’t be because of security because we know the store has security cameras; that’s how they caught Jay McGraw stealing the Zippo lighter. This officer is one of those jerks left from the Hobson Administration and that group apparently took an oath to dis-serve and collect instead of serve and protect. Each person harassed by this officer should file a complaint and see if the matter is resolved but don’t risk going to jail and having your car towed because it’s difficult when you’re dealing with a rogue cop. Trust me. I know!


  1. I saw the Hattiesburg American this Sunday and the Lumberton man that Ben Winston nominated as one that makes a difference. With all that's going on in Lumberton that's who he choose? I hope you know that me and my family think you make a difference here in Lumberton. Without you we wouldn't know what was going on at city hall. Thank you!

  2. Rodney Parker is a asshole that has no authority at home so he abuses his authority when he's wearing a badge.

  3. Rodney Parker is a joke.... He abuses his duties. He is a Bully and racist ass hole.... He doesn't follow the law him self... I hope someone sees him with outbid badge and out of town

  4. Didn't they call the Mayor and Rodney said call the Mayor because he ain't going to do a damn thing. Is that true or not?

    1. I'm not sure if Ben Winston was called or not because I'm not privy to that information. However, I was told that Rodney has stopped the guys from hanging out at the Shell station because they're drag racing down Hwy. 11. I was told it was a safety concern. I don't know what's going on and it's no secret that Parker is not one of my favorite officers but as I always say, there's theee sides to every story. I will investigate this matter further to see if I can get more details.

  5. Let me get this straight. Rodney has banned people from the Shell station in order to prevent them from breaking any future crimes. Is that legal? If they are drag racing then why are they not getting arrested? I'm all for safety but I hope you keep digging because I think there's more to this story.

  6. That sounds right. I knew there was more to the story. Rodney is an ass but I know more was going on than just chilling.

  7. I remember fully stopping at 4-way in Lumberton, but Officer Unfriendly pulled me over. I tried to explain that I'd stopped, but he was all in my sister's face by that time, "asking questions."

  8. Is Rodney still fooling around with the preacher's daughter? My bad. That's why the wife got a new car. I'm sure he's piping some other girl that went to school with his daughter.


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