Coming Soon: The Lumberton Chronicles: A Parody

After court, I started reading the comments on the blog and I’m taking some of your suggestions. Just last week , someone sent me a comment and a link about a blogger that won a case after he was jailed over creating a Twitter account about a public official. He was arrested and won a lawsuit after he was arrested about his social media site. I’m still considering filing a lawsuit against the City of Lumberton but before I take that step, I have decided to create a weekly column called The Lumberton Chronicles: A Parody.

We all heard about the antics of the public officials, from public drunkenness, prescription drug abuse, selling of marijuana, extra-marital affairs, theft, bribery, etc. Well, I think it’s time to post some of those street committee stories in a paradoxical manner since everyone is so offended. I’m doing it for comic relief and to vent about certain issues that others are afraid to talk about. That way, I can focus on being more professional in my blogging because I will have one day a week to air the dirty laundry of the public officials. People may not tune in to the other posts but I’m certain they’re going to tune in on Thursdays.

As you know, I’m still under a gag order because of this ridiculous lawsuit but after Tuesday, November 3, 2015, I should be free and clear. No more gagging the blogger. As far as I know, we still have freedom of speech, even in Lamar County, Mississippi. If not, there would be a lot of people in trouble because for the last 7-8 years, I’ve seen posts claiming that President Obama is coming to take our guns and bacon. Ok, I just threw in the bacon part. Per the constitution, I know gun ownership is a right but I don’t know of any laws protecting our purchase of bacon; that’s another reason for me to buy a gun.

As you know, Tuesday, November 3, 2015 is also election day and it will be the date of Lumberton’s regular scheduled board meeting. It’s going to be refreshing to attend a meeting knowing I can freely blog afterwards. If they felt threatened by my posts before, I can only imagine how they’re going to feel after the gag order is no longer in place (I couldn’t determine if it was proper to say affect or effect so I went another route.) I may not be able to enjoy my freedom immediately because after the board meeting, I plan on going to the circuit clerk’s office to witness the vote count and while there, I will post a brief review of the board meeting or not. I do, however, plan on writing my review of the election before the polls close and will see if I was on the mark after the final tally. I thank you for your input and for reading the blog. I hope you’re ready for the Lumberton Chronicles: A Parody because some dirty slips will be showing. I think I will post a video later on today. Cioa!


  1. This is what I feel about Merlene's stupid lawsuit against you and your blog. What is her loss? What is her damage? The board approves everything she want. How is she damaged? If she's so stressed about things you post then do her job correctly. The reason people talk about her in the comments is because of how they're treated in the office. Your blog just exposed the dirt but it was already there.

  2. Wasn't Merlene the Thundercunt retired before she started working for Lumberton? If she's so distraught then go back into retirement.

  3. Here's what I don't understand. If Merlene is so miserable and boy does she look it. But if she was so miserable about the truth being told then quit, go back into retirement. And what is Wayne suppose to accomplish by sitting at the meetings with his lips poked out. He talks to her like a dog but he's mad because you mention her in the blog. Go home, keep drawing that check for Michael and ain't it time for Brian to renew his foodstamp application? Tall about welfare queens, this whole family is on the system and it looks like they're eating good. Now how many more kids are they going to have with no job?

  4. I never been to an office where you have to fill out paperwork for everything but never get what you requested in writing. Merlene has a paper trail longer than her tits when she takes off her bra but nothing is getting done. If she spent less time trying to cover her ass and actually do dome work she might could have been a half descent clerk.

  5. If them three birches of 102 E Main would stay off this blog then maybe they could get some work done. I guess you were right, we will get our water bills in November. Sorry ass slores.

  6. I forgot to add the fourth bitch, Rodney Parker. Wait, he said he don't read the blog. My bad.

  7. I can't wIt to see what you have to say when the gag order is lifted. They should be afraid. Very afraid. Freedom of speech rocks!


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