I received several e-mails from individuals claiming that they say Timothy Ryan Byrd at the Lumberton Police Department this weekend. Why am I not surprised? If the e-mails are true there will be a special call meeting held soon to put him back on the City of Lumberton's payroll. There has been a lot of good officers terminated from the Lummberton Police Department and they were terminated for political reasons. But almost every officer that was terminated has found other employment in the field of law enforcement because they have their certification is in tact and despite the smear tactics, they're actually good officers. Everyone from C.Fortenberry to J. Messer are still law enforcement officers depsite the Lumberton Board of Aldermen's attempt to destory their careers. So, be on the look out for a special call meeting soon because they're going to try and sneak this one in without the citizens knowing. But if and when they hire him again, at least I will have the opportunity to file a freedom of information request to get a copy of the letter detailing the reason(s) why he lost his certification. For some reason, the other officers that left the City of Lumberton has remained in the field of law enforcemnt, but Byrd is still circling around Lumberton like a buzzard because it's obvious that he can't get hired by any other law enforcement agency except Lumberton.


  1. Is it against your rules Jonathan for him to visit friends? You got what you wanted he no longer works for LPD but you are still not happy are you,just can't let it go can you. That is because you are not happy unless you are stirring crap as usual.

  2. They're not my rules, but if he's visiting friends on the LPD, then all I've got to say. . Byrds of a feather. . And no I haven't gotten what I wanted. . yet. . If Byrd is hanging around city hall, his "friends" are plotting to get him back on the payroll. . and if that's considered stirring up crap, then I will stir on and just as I said, just wait and see that his name will appear on the agenda soon. . Maybe I should have titled the post Byrd Droppings instead of Byrd Sighting.


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