Now. . .That's Entertainment!?

There is still talk about the events that took place last week. Some are still basking in the entertainment they provided while others want to know what it's going to take before this mess come to an end. Over there weekend, many of the people involved went about their daily routines without a second thought of the events that took place on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Some people may have been satisfied with how things went down; there are some that feel they have a better chance in the court of street justice that in the Lumberton Municipal Court System--where you're fined if you innocent or guilty; especially if your of the wrong demographic. Nevertheless, while other's are allowing their residence to be turned into the ground zero for the MMA matches that are seemingly taking place every week, they have yet to feel the quake of their poor decisions. So many of these young girls spend a lot of time and money to get emancipated so they can get their own apartment, but instead of focusing on emancipation, they may need to spend a little more time on education. For instance, those living in the apartments of Frank Lee Homes need to read their leases; especially Section G, Section XV, and Section K (paragraphs 1-3). So, when those that traveled near and far to see the street fights, it more than likely that in the coming weeks, those that participated may be fighting in another arena--the Lamar County Judicial System. I'm not talking about those that were actually in the hand to hand combat (more than likely, those guys aren't going to press charges despite the fact that some cowardly men chose to bring guns and knives to a fist fight); I'm speaking of those that may have inadvertently involved themselves in this ordeal because their friends and/or family may have been involved. For those that did not know, there are provisions in the lease that states that you are responsible for your guest. That means your homie, your lover, your family and your friend. It does not matter if they're in your apartment or hanging out on the green transformer boxes, if they're coming in and out of your apartment, you are responsible for the behavior. So, when the smoke clears, and everyone returns to their homes, you're left with the burden of proving that you were not involved. Now how's that for entertaining?


  1. You accused LPD of harassing this area because they were patrolling it more than other areas in the city. Careful what you ask for, they may not be there when you need them the most...Now you want to see them patrolling this area more and now you think they need more officers,wow you need to make up your mind. I don't blame those officers, I would take my time getting there after the way you have talked about their department on this blog...if they do get some new officers that are willing to do their job, you'll be dogging them for doing it, just like you did Byrd...just sayin

    1. First of all, Byrd was not and still is not a certified police officer. The only officers that have been targeted in this blog are those that are not doing their jobs and those that are abusing their authority. Sorry that your feelings were hurt b/c your girlfriend was the brunt of most of the post. There are several officers on duty in the City of Lumberton and most of them have not been mentioned in the blog because they're doing their job. But it's comments like the one you posted that make me appreciate the LVDF even more because despite the things that has been said against Jerry Walters and his crew, they have still remained professional and responded to calls in every area of this town. If any officers take their time getting to any emergency situation that's something they're going to have to deal with, but if they were to take such a stance, it would only prove what I've been saying all along. BTW. . good police officers are generally not blogged about so maybe that's why you're confused and think that my continued reference to one bad apple is spoiling the bunch.


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