More and more clues are emerging about the person that's behind all of this mess that is taking place at city hall, but one must pay close attention to see the more nuanced garb that they're using to cloak their true identity. At the last board meeting, a lady was speaking about her alleged mistreatment by members of the Lumberton Police Department and while she was giving her account of the incident, Bobby Gibson said, "That was the Highway Patrol, not our officers." I didn't think much of the comment at the time, but after reflecting about the statement, it shows that someone from the police department is reporting the day to day activities of the department to their supervisor, Bobby Gibson. Otherwise, why would he know about a routine road block and the semantics of the stop unless he was given the information prior to the board meeting? Also, the last board meeting ended rather quickly, and Gibson, Hale, and Johnson usually are sighing deeply, rolling their eyes, snapping their fingers in a Z-formation,(How you doing Tim Johnson in my Wendy Williams voice?) because they don't like lengthy board meetings, but after a relatively short board meeting, Gibson, Hale and Johnson did not exit the meeting; instead they stayed behind and went into the executive session room and closed the door. I don't know what strategy they were planning, but we know that the after-meeting meeting was not legal, but we all know they don't care about breaking laws.
The ridiculousness of the things taking place at city hall has gotten out of hand. I was asking about the recent vote to override the mayoral veto and I was told that the mayor was informed that they could vote to override the veto because the mayor gave verbal veto. I have never heard of such, so I Googled, "verbal veto" and surprisingly, I received some results. There was talk of a verbal veto being used in Ohio and it was discussed at the Ohio Constitutional Convention in 1874 and there was another article that discussed the use of the verbal veto during student government association meetings at colleges and universities, but I didn't find anything that made reference to a verbal veto for any local, state or national offices. In a code-charter municipality, like the City of Lumberton, the rules governing vetoes and overriding vetoes is the same for the Mayor and Board of Aldermen as it is for the Governor and President of the United States of America. Why is that so difficult for those elected in Lumberton to comprehend? Maybe I'm being nostalgic, but I miss the days of Joann Ladner and Joe Montgomery. Whenever the board tried to overstep the boundaries that were set in place by law, either the clerk or the city attorney would make sure the board members knew, in an the setting of an open meeting, the laws regarding their position and it was noted in the minutes. Now, there is hardly ever any correction by the clerk or the city attorney when the board makes a questionable vote. In the case of Carter, I can see why he wouldn't speak out because if he were to speak truth to power, he would be without a check because he knows that there was never a vote to override the veto that led to his termination, but at least he's still receiving a pay check! (Yes I was being sarcastic!)
I think we've become distracted by all of the other chaos and took our eyes off the real problem. We can't continue to focus on the police department; once they tow enough cars for suspended driver's license, once they arrest enough family members of those outside of the loop it will eventually prompt enough people to get out, get registered and vote against those that gave the police department the green-light to victimize the residents of Lumberton. It's still interesting that a woman can plow through the fence of the Lumberton airport and everyone’s at city hall is sympathizing with her because she doesn't have any insurance, but let a person get pulled over on Myrick or North 10th Street with a suspended license and the passenger has a license, you better believe they're getting towed. Was this woman's car towed? I seriously doubt it, and I wonder was she given a soberity test. I said I wasn't going to go on about the police department, but we all know that their goal is to economically burden anyone they deem as a threat, and hopefully, their Gestapo tactics will backfire on them. But let's use some common sense, if you don't have a valid driver's license, stay off the road!
I just wanted to let you all know that the blog may be a little sporadic over the next two weeks, but it's for a reason. I want answers, and I have started compiling copies of the minutes, memos, ect. and I'm sending them to anyone I think might be able to help or at least give me an answer why no one in Jackson seems to care about the lawlessness that's taking place in the City of Lumberton. I'm writing Congressman Palazzo, Representatives Barker, Senator Fillingane, Governor Phil Bryant, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, Attorney General Jim Hood, Mississippi's Public Integrity Division, and Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America. So, over the next few days, I will be working on the packets and getting ready to send them the copies of the minutes where the board never voted to override the mayor’s veto of the termination of Carter, the stack of ethic complaints that were sent to Jim Hood, and some other documentation. Enough is enough. It's gotten to the point that I don't care about them paying back the funds they misappropriated, I want them marched out like the aldermen of Bell, California. The mere fact that Carter is still on the city's payroll despite being terminated should be enough for an embezzlement charge against the person or persons signing his check. Gibson, Hale, Crider and Johnson were behind the scene, directing the police department to find any obscure law they could use to have the Mayor, as well as others, arrested and I just want to return the favor.


  1. I agree with you on some things, if you're driving dirty, don't drive. We can only blame the police for so much, but we must learn to be proactive. The fact that you and I must make certain adjustments to our lives should be enough to make us realize that those that caused these problems could be voted out and we can start anew.

  2. Maybe they were going in back to run a train, Hale is a MILF and she knows it. All aboard.

  3. Will you keep us posted and let us know how to get our info in those packets as well. You know there's power in numbers and you need to provide an address or hold an event where we can sign along with you so they would know that it's more than one person that's concerned. Me and my household would be glad to sign our names to the letter and I'm certain there are others.

  4. Update: Just received a phone call from a representative of the BLEOST (Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training) regarding the FOI (Freedom of Information) request is submitted regarding the revocation of Timothy Ryan Byrd's certification. The link to the form I was given was not correct, but I was told that they would accept letters requesting that information. Per our conversation today, I was asked if Byrd was still employed with the City of Lumberton and I reluctantly told her that he's not working her at this moment. I was then told that the request could only be granted if he's still employed with the City of Lumberton. She stated that the fact that he's not working here means he's no longer a threat to public safety, but if he's hired again, I could submit another request for information regarding his loss of certification. So, for now, I must wait for the board to vote to override the mayor's veto before I can submit another request, which might take place at the January 12, 2012 meeting. I will keep you posted.

  5. well for your information the lady who ran through airport fence her car was towed but not by local m f tow co


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