Lumberton 911

Just moments ago, I saw LVFD Chief/EMT Jerry Walters passing by and he had on the emergency lights on. I wondered what was happening, but I later thought it may have been a false call since I didn't see an ambulance. About 12 minutes later, an ambulance came speeding through the neighborhood and going in the wrong direction. It was then that I realized that Walters and his crew were on an official call. I know there have been times that some disparaging things have been said about the LVFD and I admit that there are times that I take issue with some of the things allegedly taking place at the fire department, but in situations like the one that transpired today, it's a good thing that we have certified EMT's living in the City of Lumberton. I don't know the extent of the emergency they responded to, but I'm certain that it was crucial for someone to be there as quickly as possible. Regardless of your political/personal views regarding the Lumberton Volunteer Fire Department, it's good to know that Walters and his crew responded almost 15 minutes earlier that the ambulance service and they knew the location of the address; crucial details when dealing with an emergency situation. Kudos!


  1. well i have gotten to em before fd emt and amlance got there why u ask because there street signs arer screwd up thanks to benny the d head and no in city has the sense to fix this alot of stop signs arev painted by gang wantabes or faded out to unreadabel but city off doing good job

  2. What a positive post! I don't know what happened but I did see the fire truck while I was out and about. Good to see their quickness and good to see the kudos.

  3. FYI the ambulance that should have been coming to Lumberton was already on an emergency call in the Purvis area and the ambulance that had to come to Lumberton wsa one out of Hattiesburg. That don't make up for the wrong direction, but is should ecplain the time difference

  4. Lumberton Firefighter arrested by LPD for driving with suspended license. Looks like they are starting to do their job! Bout time!

    1. But lets make sure to note that he was NOT driving Firedepartment Equipment at the time. NOone without a Vaild License is ALLOWED to drive. alot of time leaving out information is as bad as false information.

  5. Looks like massa kent is gonna keep yall in your place~


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