Hit and Run or a Hit and A Miss?

I had gotten behind on reading the paper and I noticed the article "Woman to face hit and run charge." There's all this talk about blogs not being accurate, but then we have the main stream media that's willing to delay or avoid certain topics. I was told about the incident the day after it happened (Sunday, January 22, 2012) but for some reason, it wasn't reported by the Hattiesburg American until Monday, January 23, 2012. Soon it will be a week since this hit and run incident took place and the LPD is apparently still trying to decide if they're going to have the woman arrested. Seriously??? I wonder why would there be a delay in the arrest of Melanie Smith, the person that was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the accident that led to the flipping over of her vehicle. When Hobson took over the department, he made a point to say that he's not going to show favoritism and that he's going to be fair when it comes to his duties as a law enforcement officer. Well, incidents like the one that took place on Saturday is what makes me question his claim that he's going to be fair. I don't know police procedures, but I would think that it wouldn't be necessary to wait for a toxicology test if the LPD would have escorted the ambulance to the emergency room and once she was cleared by the doctor they could have (or should have) taken her into custody. Instead, they let her go to the hospital and after she was released she apparently went home while the LPD "determine" what charges will be filed against a person that allegedly left the scene of an accident. Instersting?!?
OAN: I think the LPD has a long way to go before they're actually seen as men/women of integrity, but I guess they're working on their image. For the past few weeks, they have not patrolled the Myrick/North 10th Street area. And once it was deemed that the guards were off duty, the natives became restless. Several officers out and about last night and like I stated in a previous post, it was the Frank Lucas mentality that brought the police to Frank Lee Homes. There are those that are . . . well, attention whores and they thrive on attention (good and bad) otherwise, they would conduct themselves better. Kudos to the LPD for their efforts to bring order to chaos. If the LPD allow things to continue to get out of hand in the middle of January, I would hate to see what's in store for June. Hopefully, before the summer, those that insist on behaving chaotically will move towards a more peaceful approach. If I may, I would like to take some liberties and paraphrase an old quote in regards to the Lumberton Police Department. The LPD is not what it should be, the LPD is not what it needs to be but at least it's not what is was just a few months ago. They seem to be going in the right direction but it's time for the selective prosecution to end. . let's face it, if you can get a warrant signed for a parking ticket, there shouldn't be any problems getting a warrant signed for a hit and run driver that was possibly intoxicated. If the LPD continues in this direction, the board needs to support them with the training and the officers (with valid certifications) needed to help restore the tarnished reputation of the Lumberton Police Department. #onlytimewilltell


  1. she was not drinking she drug head but it not over till fat lady sing she going to jailllll

  2. This is Melanie Smith I just want to say I have been to city hall 3 times and called every day.You are the cops were not there and I don't care what you say all you know is what you hear just like everybody else.I have a inplant in my back and I have chronic pancreatitis which there is no cure for,and yes I take meds. for both and have the bottles with my name on them and my patches.What do you want me to do stop taking my meds well you take my back problems and the chronic pancreatitis and I will stop!!while you are talking about me why don't you find out who was chasing me that I have witnesses for you was not there and you was not in the car wit me so it's hear say lets see the pics. if you want to get down to it.I am not guilty and I will plead not guilty got my lawyer on hand lets see the LPD on WDAM because this is non sences,the owners of the truck that got hit may have 200.00 damage to it and is my neighbor mine is totaled from being chased.SO I'm ready I will fight to the end or to my illness takes me home from all the stress..God Bless and hope you are right with the LORD with the stuff you say... I'll let you know my court day so you can meet the person your talking about..good day!!

  3. i just want to say that i have it on good authority that the toxicology report came back and she had cocain in her system. just saying.


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