MDEQ Moves Forward With Rolloff Recycling Permit

I spoke with Charlie Bock of the MDEQ last week and he said they are moving forward with the permit request submitted by Rolloff Recycling, LLC. He said they meet the guidelines and they are going to be allowed to open once they agree to certain stipulations. Mr. Bock said he did not understand why city officials were trying to keep the public from knowing about this permitting process and he felt that the attempt to hide the process from the general public contributed to many of the doubts and speculations regarding the site. Here is the text of the email I received from Be. Bock after we talked over the telephone.
Good afternoon, Mr. Griffith.

Thank you for giving me a call this afternoon. As I said, we just simply wanted to somehow address the letters we received from several of the city residents before we went forward with our permitting process and issued the permits. I wasn't sure whom to contact, so I was hoping to speak with you as I was aware that you had a hand in educating those who didn't know about the site early on.

I'm glad to hear that there are not a lot of outstanding major concerns with MDEQ permitting the site for operation, but please contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns. Thanks again for the call and definitely for relaying the information we presented at the city meeting to those that could not be present. Take care, and have a good evening.


Charlie Bock, P.E. Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Office of Pollution Control Environmental Permits Division Mining and Solid Waste Management Branch Phone: (601) 961-5232 Fax:   (601) 961-5785


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