Political Dummies

First and foremost, the elected officials of Lumberton need to stop lying to themselves and others; they read this blog more than they read the work packets they get each month. Today, at 6:00 pm, the board will hold a special called meeting. When I contacted city hall, they were rather evasive about the subject matter of the meeting but whenI called the Lumberton Library, I was told the meeting was to discuss payment to Bancorp South for a dump truck. I guess the board has decided to act like they can't see the big neon pink gorilla in the room; the fact that they never properly terminated the police officers and the fact that they're still on the city's payroll. Since I am well versed in procedures regarding board meetings, I have another how did I miss that moment to share. One would think that this board would tire of getting upstaged by a person that, according to some, knows nothing about this city. Well, with what little I do know (sarcasm intended)...I have more understanding than those that are paid to know this information.

In order to have a special called board meeting, the notice must be posted three hours prior to the meeting. I called the Lumberton Library at 3:05 pm and a notice was not posted. I called back again at 3:15 pm and the notice was just delivered. Why cut it so close? But despite the semantics regarding the time the notice was posted. I'm sure the city clerk will swear she had the notice delivered in time. Thankfully, the librarian marks the back of the notice when they're delivered and since the premises are under video surveillance, it would be easy to verify when the notice was delivered but that's not necessary. The true issue at hand is the legality of the meeting. How can the board call a special called meeting when they're currently in a recessed meeting; a meeting that is supposed to reconvene on July 15, 2014. And that is the reason why they can't hold a special called meeting; they're still in a meeting. So, you can't call a meeting while in a meeting. This board really need to get it together b and take a moment to learn the rules governing their roles as elected officials.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln.


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