Just Call Me 007

I knew I was bugging the Mayor and Board of Alderpersons but I never would have guessed that they thought I was actually bugging them with electronic listening devices. Yesterday, I discovered we, the citizens of Lumberton, no longer have access to the Records Room because it's locked and being used as the executive session room for the boardIof alderpersons. It seems that some elected officials and the city clerk think I bugged the room they once used; the small room adjacent to the break room. Now, the alderpersons are holding executive session across the hall,Iin the room designated as the Records Room. It was said that there was a sweep of the previous room and they actually found "bugs" in the room. Seriously. I'm not a soy but from the spy shows I've seen on television, there's a device used to detect bugs. So, if they visually located bugs, it would lead me to believe that the person that found them is probably the person that put them there. Another note, if they have the bugs, they should have some sort of fingerprint on them. So, send them to have them analyzed. Remember, my fingerprint is on file from when I wasaarrested for a parking violation. But the bigger question is, what are they afraid of? What are they saying in executive session that they don't want the public to know? Well, the only thing they're afraid of getting out is THE TRUTH! Now that I have the board on the run, let me go put in a request for the four months of minutes that are not in the minute book and while I'm out, let me drive past the cemeteries and see if that $6,000 lawnmower is being used.


  1. wish they would bring that mower and put it to use on this ditch that they claim is suppose to be maintained by the county, and the county says it is not theirs, its the cities !!!hmmm I wonder who turns in a bill for that every month?

  2. I have wondered why everyone was so worried about the police department being cut when things were bad with the full force out? So many things were just being swept under the rug or you had inept officers who didn't know a thing about the law out handling business with such arrogance it was sickening. How about a handful of officers who know their asses from a hole in the ground who get paid a decent salary? That is what our police force needs.

  3. We had a good group of officers. The only ones that don't want a police department are those transporting drugs at the airport and those doing drugs on the board but I think they're the same. No one care about that little dope being sold in the hood. Those in the hood are their own worst enemies. This city is going to regret their decision when one of them old white women who live alone is victimized and the fact that there's not enough officers increases the chances of that happening.


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