New Feature: Small Business Spotlight

Each week, a local, small business will be highlighted. If you know a small business owner that would like to be featured, please give me their contact information. It could be a home based business or store/shop. I will not feature any business without the consent of the owner. So far, we have featured Pops Chad Owens Fresh Produce. He has fresh watermelons/cantaloupes for sale right now; he's stationed in front of the Shell Gas Station. The small business spotlight for this week is Reuben NcInnis, the new barber at Tina's Beauty Salon/Barber Shop. The shop is conveniently located at 7792 Highway 11. His hours of operation are from 7:00 am- 6:00 pm. Help grow our local economy by supporting local, small businesses.


  1. Everybody needs to shop local when they can.


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