Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

The mayor and members of the board held another "emergency" special called board meeting. Since there wasn't enough money for payroll, the board voted to borrow $20,000 from WSOM to cover payroll until the next board meeting; which is Tuesday, July 15, 2014. During the discussion, the aldermen didn't want to discuss why so much was needed to cover payroll. Cora Rogers did everything to avoid admitting that the board did not amend the agenda to terminate the police officers that were not on a budget list, but McMcGraw acknowledged that the funds were needed because they cannot terminate any officers until the regular board meeting is reconvened next Tuesday. Sadly, the board didn't know about their gross oversight until it was mentioned in the blog. After the board voted for the transfer of funds, a concerned citizen asked the board why they didn't forsee any of these budget issues and true to form, Alterwoman (her pronunciation) at Large Cora Rogers rudely lamented that this meeting was not called to answer questions; you would have to wait until Tuesday's meeting. I find it strange that prior to an election, they pretend to be so concerned but once they're in office, they want you to shut up and let them make decisions without the input of the citizens that elected them. Cora knows that once Tuesday's meeting start, they're not going to allow citizen's comments. The employees of the City of Lumberton will get paid tomorrow. I recall a time when Mayor Miriam R. Holder did not sign payroll checks because of a budget issue and it was the lead story on the news. Needless to say, WDAM was noticeably absent regarding this round of unsigned payroll checks.


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