Dump Truck vs. Police Protection

And the winner is................the dump truck. I'm just leavingwhat is being deemed an "emergency" special called meeting to make a payment on the dump truck to avoid repossession. The fact that the dump truck is in danger of being repossess means the payments are behind; extremely behind. Tonight, the board voted to pay the final payment of $2,059.84 to Bancorp South Financial for the dump truck. It seems the board can always find money to pay for $6,000 lawn mowers and dump trucks but cannot or will not find funding to keep our city safe. But on the bright side, our streets are always clear of leaves/branches, the park/cemeteries are always neatly cut....ooops...they're not. Unfortunately, that's not an issue, according to Daniel "Danny" Davis. He said, and I'm summarizing his statement, the Public Works Department should not be cut because the city will continue to raise rates to ensure the department is self sufficient. In other words, don't concern yourself about the lack of services, just deal with the increased rates and don't concern yourselves with the inconsistencies in water bills, the fact that your tax dollars paid for a dump truck but you have to pay to have branches collected. Please don't misconstrued what in saying. There are several hard working individuals in the Public Works Department but there's also a couple of workers that are not pulling their weight. The point I'm attempting to make is this; if you're cutting personnel, then the cuts should be reflected in all departments. If you're going to restrict usage of a city owned vehicle for one department head, then restrictions should be applied to all take home trucks. Tonight's meeting was very brief since there was one agenda item. After the meeting was adjourned, I wanted to know if the funds to pay for the dump truck came from WSOM or the general fund. Apparently, Merlene Wall didn't have her daily dose of fiber because she rudely yelped that the funds came from WSOM. I know she's probably having a rough time with the budget but I'm not the one to get ugly with my pretty. Usually I would let the rudeness slide but it seems to be a recurring behavior. I don't know why she's directing her anger towards me but in case she didn't know, I don't care about natives of Lumberton getting upset with me; so you know I could care even less when a transplant tries to throw shade. She should be glad that I didn't feel like getting off my chariot to throw tomatoes with her today.


  1. Is there not any truth in you you take peoples comments and add you words to make what's said mean something entirely different you to will will stand before your maker and be judged but for now I will say you lie more than you tell the thruth

  2. Danny boy....there's no need for me to twist your words. You said the WSOM is the land of milk and honey...thanks to the constant rate hikes. But keep your selective memory. I know you claim to love Lumberton but that's only if you get to take the truck home. So next time you run to the hallway to cry, hopefully our elected officials will leave you there instead of constantly giving you a sugar tit.


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