We Need Our Police Department

More details are emerging from last night's board meeting. I just found out that the board denied Chief Cowart use of the Tahoe. Keep in mind, she's the only department head that no longer has access to a take home vehicle. As ammatter of fact, two Public Works employees have take home cars, Danny Davis and Roy. I guess their trucks run off air because they think the chief's truck.is the only one using gas. I don't know about you, but this seems like a personal attack against Chief Cowart and the Lumberton Police Department. Another issue I have is the fact that this matter was not revealed once the board came out of executive session; another ethics violation. I may have had problems with the former chief but I think we have a good police force in place and I would like to keep it that way.IThe only people that don't want a police department are crooks and you best believe they've been plotting; waiting on the dismantling of the LPD. But we still have a say. Everyone need to come to the board meeting Thursday @2:30 to llet the mayor and board of alderpersons know that we don't want cuts in safety and we don't want cuts in the police department. The board members say they don't have the money to keep the officers but they found money for a $6,000 lawn mower; they have enough money to receive a salary every month. Methane Wall, Jay McGraw and Coral Rogers gave up their insurance coverage to help save money, but that's not enough. The cuts should be across the board. They want officers to go without a salary but they're not wing to give up theirs. The police department needs our support tomorrow and we need to demand better from those elected to serve.

We hear it all the time, "these police officers are harassing people for no reason", or "I am not going to be no snitch and tell the police anything" or the most popular one, "Snitches end up in Ditches! If we did not have law enforcement here are a some things that would happen: Robbery Rape People selling drugs anywhere they want to (especially at our children schools). Bigamy Pedophiles running rapidly through our children. Car wrecks without consequences. Assault and Battery at will. Murder Arsondemand Carjackings

Now that is just a start of what this world would become. This world would be in total dispair and hopelessness. Could you imagine working at you job everyday and someone could just take what you have anytime they want to because there is no consequences for their actions?Could you imagine making your money and not being able to put it in the bank because the banks are getting robbed every minute of the day? Could you imagine sitting with your family watching television and someone kicks in your door and robs you, kills your loved ones, rape your children and nothing will be done about it? Not to mention the saying "Snitches End Up in Ditches" quote, that is just insane. Have you noticed the neighborhoods where the neighbors tell the police if they see something suspicious, are the nice neighborhoods. Criminals know that if they come to those neighborhoods and commit a crime, someone is going to tell, therefore, they are cautious about committing crimes in those neighborhoods. Look at the neighborhoods where people are selling drugs and committing other crimes, no one is taking a stand to report these people. therefore, they will continue to commit crimes in those neighborhoods. How is the police going to know that your neighbors are committing a crime unless someone tells them? Do you want a pedophile, murderer, rapist, drug dealer or an arsonist living next door to you? Without a police department, this could happen. Come out Thursday and tell the board we want our police department.


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