Ms. Faye: A Lumberton Treasure

With all that's wrong with Lumberton, this place had a rich legacy of service, respect and compassion for it's citizens and at the help of this legacy of customer-orientated compassion was none other that Mrs. Faye Houts Englle; affectionately known as Mrs. Faye. In a time when 2 out of the 3 department heads are utterly unprofessional, I thought I would take time to reflect on a person that was always warm, welcoming, professional, knowledgeable and she was a jewel that shined brightly. "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies?" As many of you know, there's practically no virtue within the walls of Lumberton's city hall. We must rely on memory and reflect on a time when honor, integrity, compassion were not only words but attributes and Ms. Faye not only embodied these attributes but she exemplified them every day.

As I reflect on the gentle, kind nature of Ms. Faye, I realized that she was always present in my life. My first memories of Ms. Faye was at the Lumberton School. I remember seeing her on campus almost every day. I don't know exactly when she left Lumberton School system but everytime I pass the old city hall, I remember Ms. Faye was always there, waiting to address your concerns with compassion and process your payments with pride. Whenever you had a question about a meeting, a new ordinance or about the events in Lumberton, you could call Ms. Faye. When I look back on the time when Lumberton was fruitful, I think of Ms. Faye; she inextricably woven into the very fabric of the times when Lumberton was a thriving township when city officials actually cared about the growth and productivity of the city and its' citizens.

When you think of Ms. Faye, you think of a person that was fair and consistent; you knew where you stood with Ms. Faye. She was very good at taking initiative and cultivating teamwork. For years, Lumberton successfully managed to thrive with one city clerk and one deputy clerk during a time when we actually had several businesses and plenty of revenue. For the most part, the work Ms. Faye completed was done by hand but with modern technology, few businesses, Lumberton seem to need more clerks but manage to get less work completed. The fact that Ms. Faye accomplished so much without the advent of technology and software programs is a testament to her work ethic. I'm didn't know her business philosophy but one thing was certain--she always made sure she got the basics right and everything else fell into place because the foundation was already laid. Ms. Faye succeeded in utilizing her talents and creating a legacy; a legacy that deserves recognition.

Whenever we think of the good things Lumberton has to offer, the service and dedication of Mrs. Faye Houts Engle will always be in the backdrop as a reminder that quality is a quintessential attribute when dealing with customers and businesses. Smiles are free and Ms. Faye was never without one. That's another legacy from her. Thank you Ms. Faye for your service and dedication to the City of Lumberton. For over 15 years, you embodied persistence, courage, service, faith, hope, love, beauty and truth; we are forever grateful to have known you. May you continue to spread you love for generations to come. Peace and Blessings!


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