Who's Afraid of a Debate?

Repost: from Dalton Traylor: DISCLAIMER: If you can't stand the heat, you may want to vacate not just the kitchen, but the entire facility. Now. As many of you know, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at PRCC has planned a debate at the Brownstone center between the qualified candidates running for the district 106 house seat. This has been known since early September. The candidates currently "qualified" are Ben Winston, Daniel Wise, John Corley, Larry Davis, and Greg Holcomb. They were all invited to attend this debate. I felt the community deserved to hear all of their opinions on key issues in a real environment, not a rehearsed speech at a meet and greet.

Now, to the point. I spent hours upon hours preparing for this event, even going as far as to nearly sacrifice the integrity of the debate by reducing the number of questions they needed to prepare for exponentially and randomly assigning and giving the candidates the questions they needed to prepare 90 second responses to almost 2 WEEKS before the debate. All this, just to compensate for the incompetence and insecurity of certain candidates. (Shout out to Ben Winston who was assigned tough questions and didn't back down.

What is the result of all this hard work and cooperation you ask? Complete disrespect and cowardice! John Corley, Greg Holcomb, and Larry Davis (Larry has a potentially legitimate excuse) will not even be in attendance! This is disrespectful to me, the other students and staff that helped me prepare the event, and it is disrespectful to the community! John Corley is not attending because he "can't debate"...REALLY?! How do you expect to defend our views and interests from those crooks in Jackson then?! In that case the only reason you could possibly be comfortable if you're elected to represent us is if you don't actually intend to stand up for us.

Greg Holcomb is apparently afraid we won't be "fair". Yes. We will be fair! And once again I ask, HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO STAND UP TO THE CROOKS IN JACKSON?! Do you think those bastards are gonna play fair? Hate to be the bearer of bad news buddy, but they won't. I expected a lawyer to know that, unless of course your handlers over at Williams Montgomery have some deals worked out for you already.

These men will be absolutely useless to our community as representatives. I promised a while back that those who backed out would be exposed and I promise now that this is just the start. As far as I'm concerned Ben Winston and Daniel Wise are the only legitimate options for this position. If you wish to hear from these two men they will still be speaking at the Brownstone center, October 11th and we look forward to seeing you there.


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