Danny "The Dunce" Davis: Welcome to Lumberton!

The other day, I was out and about and my path crossed with Lumberton's Public Works Director, Danny Davis and this was his response. Danny almost ran off the side of the road trying to flip me the bird but it wasn't like he was actually doing any work. Keep in mind, this is a representative of the City of Lumberton. I'm sure there's a provision in the City of Lumberton's employee handbook that shuns this type of behavior. Particularly the portion that states

"Employees owe a duty to the City of Lumberton and its citizens to act ina way that will merit continued trust and confidence of the public."
Now ask yourself, do you trust a department will fairly and accurately read your water meters when their department head behaves in this manner? I don't and neither should you; especially since the board has approved yet another water rate increase. What's wrong Danny? Are you upset that your FUPA has blocked your view for the past 2-3 decades? Are you bothered by the fact that just a few short months ago, you asked me to take a high school equivalency test for an employee you fought to get a raise but later came back and said that the employee was not interested in the getting his education. But you made the board think he was going to leave but now you're upset that he refused to get the training needed so you can hand him the keys to the kingdom. I guess it was hard for you to ask for my help but now you have regrets. Poor tink tink.<.p>

I was going to report this incident to WDAM but I quickly realized that they're only interested in reporting about certain officials that behave inappropriately. In other words, they probably couldn't color your opinion based on the child like antics of a 70 year old department head. I reported the matter to a state agency and they informed me that I must file a complaint with the City of Lumberton and they will determine if their action or inaction would warrant their intervention. Well, I will draft my complaint shortly and while I'm drafting complaints, I think I will stop by the police department and file charges against the public works employees that made threats on my Lumberton Informer facebook page. In my Big Freedia voice, it's time to show Danny and his slaves that I did not come to play. I'm blogging trying to get Danny's crew (the entire crew not just one member) pay raises and he got mofo's talking about coming to my house and well, the rest will be posted AFTER I file my complaint. So continue to let Danny make you think you can do and say anything. Again, this is the crew that's responsible for reading our water meters. If they're bold enough to make threats on social media they're bold enough to lie about actually doing their job. I'm going to show you how to fight back.


  1. Good for you i hope you accomplish all of your endeavors in this matter.
    I have never seen so many ignorant people in a city that actually hold public positions .
    He is a disgrace and a sad human being not only to himself but to the position he holds and to the people who put him in that position.


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